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We'll send it back to you automatically at new charge. Oh, by the way, didn't mention one of our favorite Her big successes. I'm sorry, neglectful. Happy Harvest Theobald harvest warrants. We bought for our clients at an average cost basis of around $6.24. Closed. $14.39 So the Apophis warrants which we bought just a few months ago are up 130%. Get knotted by share a hold recommendation. But these are the kind of things were returns were been getting lately. With Special situations. It's now they're not positive. We're not perfect. Again. We talked earlier in the show about clover health and how we had two bad news from him to bear research, and I dipped the stock or dip to watch a bit. All right. We think it's gonna work out just fine, who are holding the wants? We also had trouble last year with Amarin, the company that makes this SEPA the SEPA the SEPA is since is synthesized fish oil. That is shown in FDA testing. To reduce heart attacks and strokes by 25 to 40% it saves your life this stuff. What the stock looking for big move and it worked great for a while. And then we got a ruling from a judge in Nevada. That that eradicated average exclusivity of the sacred Yeah. Things are working out. Better stock went way down, but it's coming back nicely. It's lifted nicely. Not not that we're back to even yet, But there's life here is good things happening. You stay still have their national ad campaign. It might not be as big and his greatest we originally projected, but it squarely in his nice so So these don't all work. I'll put that and on the air right now, but the majority of them really, really deal. So if you'd like to talk about our special situation, stocks are new One will send it was short on it. Running no others you may be interested in or you may have Call our hotline number right now at 877 Cargill 877 c a l l g i l Leave. What? You let me information You'd like to receive what you like to discuss, and we'll get back. Wait in touch with you either through the mail through the email or on the telephone. Our number here is 9 to 266 80. Surprisingly, no phone calls yet 92 66 city. We'll be right back. Are you over 50? Would you like to get up to 33% more.

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