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Actually, in some ways. Yeah, he's actually. Maybe it's because he's playing on the same day as Medvedev, perhaps, and I don't know. My attention kind of goes to Medvedev. I think lots of people would probably feel the same. He described his win as a lot of fighting and a little bit of swearing, which I thought was quite a good summary. He was frustrated. He said it took him a time quite a bit of time to work out buyers, someone had never played before. Quite a tricky game. I think I asked him straight up. How was your elbow? And he said, fine. He said, honestly, I've not troubled me to Sydney. It is fine, and he didn't need any treatment, or anything like that. So it's a good sign. Because that's my biggest worry about sits a pass. You know, I do think other than that, the game, the game can be there. So then it sort of feels like. I've dropped a clanger then is what you're saying by not having him in my quarterfinals. I haven't got him in there. We've only worked with the information in front of you. I sort of, I had him losing to Taylor Fritz in round four, which is a much still on course to happen for it to beat TFA today in three sets, which is a big win little wobble from any double faulted serving match point serving for the match, but then he wrapped it up in the third set tiebreak. So they're on a little collision course. That TFA for it to match. I think it was, we didn't get to see that much of it three very competitive sets. I think, for those three, I mean, so striking the difference in physique between those two. One of them has been playing a lot of golf. And the other one's been playing less golf. I would say, but yeah, Taylor Fritz looking good. And I don't know. I don't know what I was thinking. Anyway, we're all thinking vaguely the same thing. So Fritz now faces Roberto Bautista, a goo and sits a pass faces Benoit pair. Who's unexpectedly doing a thing, he's having a run, he's beaten Grigor Dimitrov, he's got this extraordinary head to head, I think, with Gregor Dimitrov has and he's beaten in four times. So who knows? Maybe it's just one of these quirky head to heads, or maybe Benoit paire is ready to finally fulfill his talent anyone want to speculate about whether that's the case is he going to pass? Happy to take it in its own isolation, that particular match. Not to try to read anything into it whatsoever. Understood David understood. Pablo andujar, the movement killer. He has reached round three at the Australian open for the first time aged 35. And I think that deserves a little bit of a round of applause. And he faces Alex domino next. So he's got the chance to do some more movement killing. The first time Alex de menor had won a match on the rod laver arena today, which was a big moment for you. That was the only person that showed up for his press conference. Really? Great, Aussie hope, I know. Wow, that does surprise me. Yeah. How did that conversation go, Matt? This is where I say, find out in the newsletter. But it was very nice. It was very nice. Yes. Sign up then. We didn't plan that folks. Last match, I think that we want to mention is Felix auger LS theme against Alejandro davidovich for kina on the care arena my goodness me this was grueling. I mean, Matt and I went out to watch a short portion of it and that was grueling enough. Went out for a second stint. And that sounded grueling, and then the match seemed to go on for another 7 hours after that. And it was only four sets. Goodness knows what would have happened if Alejandro davidovich for managed to take it into a 5th, which could have happened four tiebreak sets. It was, wasn't it? Marathon marathon stuff. And I know Felix is an extraordinary physical specimen, but he has had serious court time to get to this point. Yeah, and played right in the heat of the day. It was hot today at Melbourne park and this was in the baking sun for four plus hours. Yeah, I found it interesting. I remember we commented on Aussie against battista goo at ATP cup and how good was your earliest scene looked, and how secure he looks. He wasn't making the same errors that he often makes. And I really thought maybe that playing someone with that rhythm helped him. But he's played two players here who give him rhythm. Rusev Rory, and davidovich for kina, their baseline that he's had rhythm. And yet, I've watched quite a lot of him. And he is spraying the ball. You do not know what is coming off of his racket. It's either a sweet connection with a perfect pop, and it looks brilliant. It's sort of mesmerizing. Or it's a shank and it's going ten feet long. And it's a real mix at the moment. And I do think perhaps though the video makes for keener and Rousey, both have firepower. And I think he's been wary of that. And I think he's been trying to pull the trigger a little bit, perhaps when he shouldn't be. Very different style of his next match against Dan Evans, who didn't have to play today. After render kanesh withdrew with a wrist injury. So couldn't be more contrasting circumstances for those two Felix about 8 hours court time into matches Dan Evans very fresh, having had a day off. Sometimes that doesn't help. You know, sometimes that can actually hurt a player. So that's an interesting third round, but gosh, Felix has had to have to battle through and his celebration afterwards was as big as you see from Phoenix also alias seem. He was buzzing to have won that today. He really was. Felix augere seeming in Stan Evans is a match that I can definitely get excited about. That'll be in a couple of days time. The schedule for tomorrow is tasty. It's very tasty indeed, David. There is a lot of this that you're not going to be allowed to watch because it's happening in the middle of the night. And if I see you tweeting at 3 o'clock in the morning again, there is not going to be a podcast tomorrow. Those are the rules. I don't need to start a burner account or something. Yeah. I mean, close your ears for this scheduled David because you're not allowed to watch any of it until the night session, okay? As a ranker against fitter first up on rod laver arena. We'll let you know the result in the podcast, David. Critique of our Panko. Thanks. And then in likely sensational match that you're not allowed to watch news, David, and watch some of this. Alcaraz against bertini. Look. Oh, I'm watching that. If it goes long, you can watch the end, okay? Can you make the others go longer?.

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