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Pants on and not have to answer to anyone. We call that porcupine barbecuer. I come from a way to clint. Can't we'll joining me or clint. So you spent some time. Maybe a day at the national barbecue association convention b. a. or whatever For the fo an. I have had a long standing self conference with me. Is this something that i want to go to something that. I don't want to go to when i talk to people and there like anything for you and other people like you should go to. That is good for you. And so i trust your opinion and value your opinion on that So i guess for me personally is something that i should attend a and then b maybe set the stage on what it is and kind of what your take was the whole deal. This was the first time that i. I've i've heard great things about heard. It was in nashville this year. Which is only about a three hour. Drive from me from memphis. Plus she had this other expo going on so it was perfect storm to hit up to nashville and check it out a. You'll me personally. I don't know if it was the best fit you know. I don't have products. I don't have a restaurant. I don't cater anything. Like that and a lot of the conference was focused on on trying to build up brands. So you know for me personally. As a media person at a lot of stuff already knew was far social media reaching traditional media how to promote your brand etc But it's also good to go and see some familiar faces and and hang out From restaurants standpoint or somebody that has sauces and rubs. I think it's tremendous. They had some really great speakers. Dr greg blonde us you know me. Ted's scientists did an amazing discussion. The actually went on for about half an hour. Forty five minutes longer than he was post to They had things on copyright and trademark. The beef checkoff people did our discussion on the cuts of beef. You can be looking at now. That beef prices are so high One on on catering waste to step up your catering game like i said Media stuff all of that so it was cool stuff but more geared to somebody that either has product or is in the business. I'm the whole. Yeah i mean i think I wasn't there for the keynote speech. But myron mixon sensually said we can talk all day about how passionate we are about barbecue. How much we love it. The community and all of that but at the end of the day you wanna to get paid and that's what most of these seminars were about. Is how to pay to get paid how to how to maximize profit. Yeah exactly true or false barbecue. Legend myron mixing has fallen into barbecue. Alumina true or folks whoa. I'm not touching that one but if you want to find out the answer over to the bbq central show dot com in the show notes. We'll take you to this complete episode. Glenn can't well one of the lesser known but most prolific as that cropper one of the most prolific barbecue content creators. ever go. Check out what he had to say. a lot. more in this episode meathead. I think chad words in here. It goes on and on and on playground. That's make sure you check out. The butcher shop on their facebook page facebook dot com slash. The butcher shop shop spelled s. h. o. p. mentioned barbecues central show. And you're gonna save ten percents off your order from them and until next time on the best moments of barbecue central show in ten minutes or less. I'm host john solberg. I look forward to talking to you again soon..

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