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Space human beings aren't going to live in space. There's no place to so i know do you. Do you need a mars. Outpost to learn how human beings live on mars outpost. The gravity is a lot less. It's not like in mars in the movies. People don't kind of bounce around but actually years and years and years ago road. The the vomit comet the nasa airplane that does the parabolic arcs and that at the top of them. There's free fall so that you feel what it's like to be in zero It's the vomit. Comet is appropriately named and but also they can they can adjust the the shape of the parabola to simulate different kinds of free fall so they do a couple of arcs. They did when when i did it. They did an arc. That was the moon in an arc. That was mars and it doesn't feel like just walking around so even just being there will be quite uncomfortable. I guess you get used to it. I mean people stay on the s for your more but but it's it's not would not be easy living. You can't grow food that soil. You have to take all that with here. You have to take the tv dinners that astronauts So the inside of that early station would look a lot more like a space station than it would look like the lars family evaporator farm on tattooing at least initially. All right. adam last question for you. Would you go to mars at this point in my life. Though it pains me to say. I probably would not. Why why is this point in your life. Different from any other point in your life because i have responsibilities to other humans here on the ground. You mean like credit card debt. Whoa whoa you mean. I could get out of that if i go to know. That'd be the one thing that works calms will be like no. You're bill showed up its online billing so you can i mean i mean that i think that the The risk of that trip for a very long time even from now even when we start to send humans. The risk of that triple be so high that i feel strongly that like no i i have a family here and i i i want that to be to be a priority. I think in think my partner probably would do it though. Not because not because not because she feels differently about this but because it's mars because she is compelled like it's like yeah but no. That's that's the thing you get that chance. You take and i understand that too i do. I've seen it on the. It looks great. I mean. I'm not the only one watching those old ninety science fiction shows in my house. That's a family thing right. Well i look forward to her life. Instagram posts as should be a great astronaut. All right let's take a break and then we'll come back with recommendations and a special guest for recommendations.

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