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Years i would just ask user barely won back and if they say no than i did at wayne allyn root my candidature a let's drink he atmosphere now you know your beal vietnam nine audio what are you know in their slight plus three par came out all of a sudden villa you want to be here why is this is too weird watching me can i get a beer with a side of blue cheese dressing on clay i'd get right the petering out coming up on the armstrong and get eco opening i'm driving conditions of the nation san traffic kromah jilted auto body traffic desk will a very busy commute especially for the nimitz now starting to unwind still some activity northbound near whipple a crash on the shoulder but it only sluggish mild ronald boulevard and then you're southbound eighty dr loosening up as well but below the speed limit from autumn all parkway onto westbound to thirty seven and out to first street northbound wanna wanted to south baby to a key and matilda that is still slow dumbarton bridge jammed westbound newark boulevard all the way across the spanned the willows signal and if you're headed for the san mateo bridge west 92 sluggish between eighty and that the toll plaza still pretty slow to san francisco backed up into the maize eighty slow from ashby and then sluggish again near the island due to an earlier fenderbender on the baybridge showers later today is going to be gusty tomorrow with heavy ah alan pours around the area and even snow on bay area mountain tops smell frana owens favorite yugai william kristol a book the league how it works yet turnpike okay william kristol of as the guy who founded the saturdays an abc this week all the time he'll be joining us we'll talk about for example seeing if we can help jared find his top secret clearance he seems to have lost that we'll talk about that dhaka the ruling by the supreme court guncontrol lots of issues to talk about he joins us than the rodman's report the rana ones report after lethem bear men at twelve.

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