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And we are back and we are joined now by political reporter danielle kurtz laban danielle hi how are you oh i'm good and you're here with a forty nine page document where he nine pages including tables there's a there's a lot to go through here we killed so many trees just now yes but look but see i printed on the other side of use paper oh okay so what we are talking about here is the score from the congressional budget office of the senate healthcare bill which could be voted on as soon as the end of this week correct and that's quick what does this thing say all right so here the headline numbers you're probably going to be hearing and reading about over the next few days it says that over the next ten years the cbo usually uses the frame of a decade that this bill will lead to twenty two million more uninsured people than current law would this is slightly fewer than the house ahca would have that said twenty three million more would be uninsured in ten years it's still like millions of people that still a lot of people and really that increase would start next year quite quickly this cbo report says that fifteen million more people would be uninsured under the senate bill next year compared to current law now that is because it repeals the individual mandate the cbo says you'd have a bunch of people who just would say are at knocking to buy insurance then however after that things that would tend to increase the number of uninsured would include lower subsidies meeting people might decide well i don't have the money to buy this insurance i just won't and also by the way medicaid cuts which would end up taking people off the medicaid roles and medicaid is the health care program for the poor in america which was expanded under the affordable care act.

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