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Use the code Kirk. So I have a question that you might not have been asked before. It's very simple. Do you think America's a better or worse place since Donald Trump got inaugurated? I think some people are better off in some people are worse off. Yeah. I mean, I think. Where I've supported, I like less regulation. I really, really do when it comes to business. But I'm also a believer in climate change. You know. And I think that's a risk. And I think is, let's talk about climate change for a minute. People here. Do you think that one hundred people who do you think that the scientists that confirmed think that there is climate change are one hundred percent wrong across the board. No, even if they're one percent right? Even if they're five percent right. We're risking our future. We're not my future, your future, your future, and ask you a couple of questions about. Okay. So the ninety seven percents study per you've heard that ninety seven percent. Scientists agree. We've never treat. That's not the point. No, no, we never treated scientists democracy, though. We don't take a vote on Newton's second law 'cause we do we do. Yes. We do. We don't we do know scientific meth. No, we do it by the people who are look. This is a risk assessment. Right. If there's a chance, do do you close your eyes when you cross the street? I hope not I blamed right now. There's even if you close, even if you close your eyes, does a ninety seven percent chance. You're not going to get hit right beliefs. You go you walk across the street with the rice. Glad you mentioned that. So that's the next question is, if we accept the premise, let's pretend we accept the premise that climate change is happening at the degree. They say it is and human beings are contributing to it, which has, has questioned the scientific community. We accept that then at what cost. And then if at what cost what how badly do you guys want to live?.

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