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Air on Alexa or on the W T O p app. It's fine. 98 traffic and weather on the eights. Monique blithering, the W T o P Traffic Center. Thanks Kyle on the outer loop of the Beltway in McLean. Delays remain heavy for the crash. Just after Georgetown Pike, This is exit 44. The left side of the road is blocked for the cleanup traffic gets by staying to the right once you're beyond it, the pace does improve. Making way for a smooth trip toward to 67. I 66 running well from the capital Beltway two point as far as Gainesville still seeing delays eastbound between 1 23 and 2 43. I 95 South bound, still heavy and slow through Lord in crossing the Occoquan. That's volume on Lee. In Maryland. No trouble on the capital Beltway between Oxon Hill and Bethesda. I 95 running well between the two beltways. Same goes for the Baltimore Washington Parkway as well. We still have activity south bound route 29 on the ramp heading west toward one of eight. That ramp is blocked for the activity follow police direction heading into the district Head's up for travelers traveling south bound on the Frederick Douglas Bridge. This is on South Capitol Street crossing the bridge. Outbound. Ah, follow the new lane control signs there. We do Have a new traffic pattern. Caller confirms the activity with the lace as you make your way through. Start the new year where your community grows stronger. Joined the Y M C. A Today with a $0 in Mormon fee to learn more about this offer and the wife's safety measures visit Y M c. A. D c dot or GPI Morning flight there. Wtlv traffic, not a storm team Foreign Samara Theodore called. Night ahead of us says temperatures drop into the twenties and thirties. It's been a bit breezy for Saturday,.

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