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Where a gang of more more than one hundred guerrillas robbed the passengers of incoming train twenty four unarmed a wounded union soldiers were dragged from the train by the frenzied ruffians and murdered in cold blood. Ken bloody bill didn't fuck around the band of guerrillas followed by an experienced federal infantry about three miles south of centralia. The union forces were bushwack by the band and were nearly annihilated over over one hundred and twenty federal troops were killed. Only three of the guerrilla fighters were reported to have been killed in this battle. Both frank and jesse were part of this battle. Jesse is said to have killed union major a._b. Abby johnson and is credited with taking the lives of seven other men this day alone unclear a franken jesse took part in the massacre of unarmed union soldiers earlier in the day on october twenty six bloody bills guerrillas ambushed by union soldiers independence missouri. Several guerrillas were killed. Bill anderson himself is killed decapitated. <hes> jesse james and a few other guerrillas escaped the dead body of bloody bill. The blood drenched savage as he referred to by some pro union. Journalists was placed on public display before they cut his head off. Also anderson kept a rope to record his killings and there were reportedly fifty four knots found on the rope. The time is death. You can find picture taken of his body several hours after he was killed online if you do enjoy nightmares and he's only twenty three years old when he died and yeah and that is how you get a nickname bloody bill after death frank james follows quantrill and his raiders in kentucky jesse takes off with archie clement oney bills to tenants bushwalker known to be especially violent silence very bloody man himself after a winter raid an ambush late eighteen sixty four early eighteen sixty five quantrill raiders ambush themselves by union soldiers james wakefield's farm arm in kentucky on may tenth eighteen sixty five were many are killed and captured a cointreau himself shot twice paralyzed from the chest down. He soon dies from his wounds. In a military hospital the following month one of the captured guerrillas jim younger who recently joined the guerrillas future member of the james younger gang frank james revised ambush avoid capture. Jim younger captured yet but you know we're again you know become free and again joined that gang later for some more abandoning by the spring of eighteen sixty five all the principal confederate armies have now surrendered and when union cavalry captures the fleeing confederate president jefferson davis <hes> may tenth eighteen sixty five georgia resistance collapses and the war is is now over for for most in may of eighteen sixty five seventeen year old jessie rides in missouri carrying a white flag. He's ready to surrender. He's ready to be done with the war but the union troops he's riding towards are interested in accepting his surrender to this day. They opened fire. He gets shot in the chest for the second time barely survives crawling away to safety his legend and now grows further as does his hatred of the union. He'll make them pay and he'll never try surrendering again by early. February of eighteen sixty six now eighteen year old jesse has healed up and jesse and frank james meet with cole younger to form that gang the james younger gang and plan their first bank robbery. The war is over but these guys are far from done with fighting the jesse james. The james younger gang is fucking here sunday sunday sunday liberty missouri. The james younger gang takes on anyone standing in between them and the clay county savings bank. We'll sell you the whole seat but you'll only need the edge on february thirteenth eighteenth eighteen sixty six over ten members of the james younger gang robbed the clay county savings bank.

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