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We really haven't had that many instances where people getting hit on the highway. But it's just a matter of time. Walter's believes everyone who had to be rescued here survived. But right now the river is running very cold. Strangers like these from a rescue along the Stillaguamish River can take swimmers by surprise. That's camo. Steve McCarron reporting Come on news time. 1 10 That means it's time to head to the Harley Exteriors Sports desk. It's July 23rd and, finally time to say play ball more from Kemal's Bill Schwartz. Major League Baseball's opening day was to have been March 26. But Corona virus had other ideas in the nation's capital, Washington against the New York Yankees. And later you have San Francisco at the Dodgers, the Seattle Mariners on their way to Texas, opening a 60 games scheduled tomorrow night against the Houston Astros. Lots of young players on the EMS roster, including pitcher Justus Sheffield. I'm sick of seeing Mariners jurors in the box and it's fun for a little bit. But after a while, it's kind of Ah, You know, gets all facing your own guys, but you know we'll get started tomorrow. Unfortunately, the Mariners starting catcher Tom Murphy goes to the 10 day injured list with cracked foot bone. Seattle signed veteran pitcher Ryan Shaw. Seattle's expansion National Hockey League franchise will be called the Kraken. The unveiling announcement live on coma radio this morning. The team logo is a large s with a dark and light blue colors honoring Puget Sound. The team is scheduled to skate in the 2021 season with the nickname Redskins retired. The NFL franchise in D. C. Has elected to temporarily call itself Washington's football team sports updates at 10 and 40 after the hour,.

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