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Tuna for only $49 Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Carlos Ramirez in the WTF traffic center Thanks for each very good morning to you Let's start off where all the fun is I 66 Looks like all traffic on the eastbound side is completely stopped and or being detoured at route 28 I am seeing that It looks like a ramp is moving So if you're headed on the eastbound side of 66 V dot did say temporary closures throughout the night but it sounds like you are able to detour onto route 28 So go ahead and follow direction through that area watch for the big flashing orange signs and you should be able to make it wherever you're trying to get to tonight or rather this early morning Westbound side is 66 This will be a more constant thing If you're headed when I found all traffic actually gets detoured onto 28 that means it's going to be closed completely throughout the night until approximately 5 a.m. As of now traffic gets detoured onto northbound 28 you get turned around brought back south and taken on to 66 west once Again the grand scheme of things you won't be slowed down too dramatically because of this you just have to make a few extra turns there The I 95 looking all right no worries in either direction There was an accident scene reported near the Dale boulevard exit but that has been taken care of Northbound three 95 watch out for this one on your approach to seminary road looks like because of the accident scene happening smack dab in the middle of the roadway It looks like all traffic is actually stopped right as you make way past seminary road Once again three 95 northbound all traffic stopped at seminary road you may need to bail out soon before that If you're trying to avoid getting trapped in that closure of southbound two 70 it looks like you still have a crash activity near west Montgomery avenue That's going to be along the right hand side of the roadway Because if it's dot com to find a safe used car if it's Gerald has hundreds of cars trucks and SUVs next to a new car if it's way used car is best As if it's fit small dot com today Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic Let's go to storm team four Samara Theodore Temperatures today are climbing into the mid to upper 60s another cool and mild day but cloudier Lots of clouds around with a chance for showers throughout the day and maybe even an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon.

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