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Hello and welcome to hysteria. I'm Erin Ryan this week. ELISSA master Monaco calls in to talk about the bad news the Epstein getting mess and some Good News Elizabeth Warren Making history again then comedian Kathy Griffin joins Karen Deal Naomi Paragon in studio to discuss creeps and creepy nece and as always the hills will die on before we get to the show a little bit of housekeeping. If you want to submit a hill you'll die on you can record eight thirty second voice memo on your phone and send it to hysteria at crooked dot com you can also send questions for dude who'd you asked to hysteria at crooked dot com and we will try to answer them on video on a future episode second item of Business Hysteria Merch is available. It's selling like hotcakes. I you know what why do people say that I feel like people have joked around this. I've never been in a place where I've needed by hotcakes but whatever the tank the muscle tank with the mouth on it is almost sold out so if you want a muscle tank with a hysteria mouth on it then head to store that crooked dot COM to get it before it's gone another item on the agenda parts of America is going on tour. I will be guest co hosting at the show in Denver on July seventeenth and in Salt Lake City on July eighteenth the Denver show is the Belco theater and the Salt Lake City. Show is at the ECCLES theater so you can get your tickets at crooked dot com slash event you can see me on stage podcast with my face. We're talking new thing where I give a shout out to a special group of listeners this week I wanNA give a shout out to members of the Trans and Non Binary Community Kennedy who listen I know a lot of you get in touch over instagram and twitter and the socials and I know also pride month is over but we are always proud that you tune in to the show now. Let's get to it. Hello Hello Eliza that was very musical. I tried that was very musical. Do what can I say lyrical Gal. You are your lear goal. Well Gal genius. I can say that your lyrics have been a bright spot in this week. I've been kind of bummed me to like. What is your main source of being bummed out this week? I suspect it's the same as mine but let's talk talk well. Let's talk I mean I it's hot as FAULK IN UPSTATE NEW YORK. That's just number one okay. You're trapped inside consuming the news sure sure and there's a lot of news is a bum or Yarmur. Where should we even start Alex Acosta Jeffrey Epstein leg? What a basket of deplorables if you will yeah I'm kind of starting to feel like Donald Trump has never met a Caucasian male sex offender? He hasn't wanted to appoint to a cabinet position when he leaves the White House he's going to have like a burning man just for white male sex offender so that they can all get together and talk about how they've Buchan skirted the system and got away with nearly murder yeah. It's it's pretty insane. Let's talk about the Epstein thing. Let's let's talk about the Epstein thing and the way that it ties to our current state of politics because I think Jeffrey Epstein were just adjust just a billionaire if he were a billionaire who happened to know a lot of famous people and those famous people didn't include.

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