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That's the way it goes a consumer get strict Abe to by food the painting that label in they battling based on a certification the only way. Zumra can not tricked. He's if he knows something about farmer produced. Shane makes it makes shopping really hard. But you got to Eagle. Been to the song or you got to know. You could go on the weekdays. The bill cabins on this fall for lodging a restaurant so people will have full transparency before this law guest here at Bloomberg guests every day. We don't have a petting zoo cordray. He's like here to see how we do. It's not it's not a kids of the for people read to understand. The food system enjoyed transparency. Real customers have never been here what we do in social media everybody mode. They can't come on announcing expected anytime they won't do so unifying. We do from being to counter being swollen so that your also interesting point that. I'm sort of curious about as far as you get a lot of questions about stuff scaling and a food system in general and I have a lot of confidence that we had the techniques that we know how to produce the right amount of food and I think there's a lot of information supporting that the ability of land train change it over to provide enough produce enough but when distribution Migas are shipping lot direct. But I mean how do you see the distribution of food needing to change modify to get all this into people's hands for it to really make a difference will.

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