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The netherlands called the needles but just to show the also the heat nece and passion in the discussions. This was really about people locally pledging to do something concrete to Help the children in in greece. Of course this. This is for us. Academically very interesting and also shows how much people in different municipalities care at the same time politically. It didn't change much in the sense that the dutch government said we're not going to take on the first five hundred refugees. What we're going to do instead is support greece a taking care of the unaccompanied minors itself presenting scheme. There which was much butts new movement budging to take in the five hundred children and then of course we had the fire on lesbos which basically brought down the moria camp exactly where. The situation was already heartbreaking. It became doubly so with all these people and also all these children out on the streets so by then in the netherlands you had a situation where the majority of the municipalities representing the majority of the dutch people were in favor of taking in these five hundred children and there was an extra urgent need to do so with fire. And the state secretary called punky poker's no still would not budge on this and where this became a political discussion yet again and out of all this politicking came a deal and deals in migration often amount to drama. Think of the turkey deal and this is exactly what happened with moria deal because the netherlands committed to taking in fifty unaccompanied minors and fifty vulnerable refugees and these hundred people would actually go off the dutch unhcr quota him so this was The maurya deal lot of parties and also municipalities. That are very unsatisfied with this because obviously the images and the heart wrenching stories from moria keep streaming in winter's coming and these thousands of children are still there so in your view. What are the main lessons that our listeners can learn from this local engagement and the response of the national government and netherlands. Well it seems to me that there's three main lessons the first has to do with this idea of decoupling if we look at the political situation as it stands in the netherlands. There are no one hundred eighty. Four dutch municipalities have signed this petition. So this is the majority all dutch municipalities. We presenting by far the majority of the dutch people and in many many cases parties locally voted very different from the coalition government so this cleavage that we've witnessed in other countries. You very much see also here. In the netherlands and then the role of different local authorities is very different. Of course this is a story in multiple episodes. The newest thing is that mayo's all five of the big cities are honing amsterdam. Einem laden have a name may also have August parliament really to ask the state secretary to make sure that at the very least these hundred people come to the netherlands before christmas so there you see the big cities really taking the lead but the municipal support and is coupling is much wider process. So i think this really confirms the initial hypotheses of our research a second thing very much has to do with the discourse so the packaging of human rights Wh what are the words that people use when they try to describe the need to do something about the horrors on the greek islands and the responsibilities that individuals at municipalities have and. This is something that Sarah for instance. We'll be talking about much extensively in a later podcast. But there's a lot to learn from the dutch data..

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