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Many more theories persist on cromwell's body being switched out or buried elsewhere some of these suggested locations include saint nicholas church chizik saint andrews north borough newburgh priory and even a burial on the river thames but again the only evidence to support these claims rests on hearsay that being said there are two more theories that are particularly interesting the first is that cromwell wasn't buried at westminster abbey but at the site of his greatest military victory the field at nays be where cromwell wanted decisive battle in sixteen forty five during the first part of the english civil war on his deathbed in sixteen fifty eight cromwell's supposedly ordered his men to secretly bury him on the hill this way his corpse could avoid being defiled by political opponents while digging up the graves of one's enemies wasn't common it is more than unlikely cromwell saw enemy soldiers executed and their heads piked this might have instilled fear in him according to the theory cromwell's soldiers did as they were told and in the cover of darkness reburied their leader in nays be field and plowed over it to disguise any sign of the right thus when charles the seconds men dug up cromwell's official grave in westminster abbey they found an unnamed corpse posing as cromwell so what makes this story more plausible than the others well the first piece of evidence comes from harlan miscellany who supposedly published a manuscript drawn up by the son of one of cromwell's allies john bark stead in it cromwell's last request was to be buried at maze be this story was further supported by oliver cromwell's last descendant also named oliver cromwell he claimed that his mother had told him.

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