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We're hoping to learn more about a deadly police shooting in STAN would over the weekend. Deputies say a woman called nine one one and boyfriend had assaulted her and he had a gun when deputies got to the house the woman and her three kids were hiding in a bedroom deputies ordered the man to cooperate and a deputy shot him when he didn't Auburn police hope surveillance video will help track down the people who left a clerk for dead after he collapsed inside a shell gas station. Police say two teams, then rob the store and never called for help. Komo's Steve McCarron spoke to the clerk's boss discuss Angela Sharipova to watch the confrontation inside her store Saturday night that ended with her employees in the hospital. Auburn police hit a clerk tried to charge. A man for a couple of pepperoni sticks. That two teens were eating near the counter get into an argument, then one of the teams handed the clerk a dollar Bill causing him to get upset saying that this is wrong, and you have to pay for it. And at this point, he's a few steps back to go. Behind the counter, and that's collapsed instead of calling for help police say one of the teams took the dollar back from the clerk then bolted with the other two teams returned a couple of times to steal cigarettes in one hundred seventy eight dollars from the cash. Register their actions. Could cost somebody their life. Several minutes passed before another her comes into find the clerk on the ground. He starts performing CPR as another customer calls for help. That's komo's Steve McCarron teachers and some parents into coma accused the district of stalling in contract negotiations. They say it's forcing the twenty eight thousand students into a fourth day of no school today with no end to the strike. Incite KOMO skeet. Donald report the district argues, it's the teachers who won't budge at the bargaining table. Teachers have shifted their strike lines from the schools to district headquarters. Soaping administrators inside. We'll hear them district on about twenty million dollars that came for compensation blocking that money and get it in the salaries for district has requested the state fact-finding arbitrator to come in and get an independent look at both sides, and issue are non binding opinion. The facts will be clear to us to the teachers unions are teachers to the community that we do not have the money to pass along to teachers, just all install install. And now they've called for this. Very obscure fact-finding arbitration that is by design non-binding. And so it really feels like a tactic. Whether it's tactic or not bottom line. It could take days to get all the facts, which means to strike we'll continue to stretch on Keith Eldridge. It's thirty four minutes.

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