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It's just they have so many guards who should be primary or backup point. Guards or ball handlers. But more often than not the ball ends up in the hands of marina. Mary and irrigation away right so like it's great to have the ball in their hands in really is and they should have the ball. But don't build out your lineups and furthermore like your roster with guards who can't bring as much for civility offensively even if you're going to put the ball in their hands and then you know to bring. I've talked about this. A whole lot is like the big situation is it's complicated. it's complicated but And i'm bringing the perspective of like having just watched a wings game where they had neither alicia gray gold medals or sought to and those are there to like those third their second and third best players. I would say yes but like they. They just bring everything together. In that way too. I think her development as a playmaker as like blown me away in like i did not expect to to develop this to at big show this level of passing shops. Yes so it's just like it's so confusing it's so muddled the decision making is and like if you wanna know what their offense is gonna look at any given time like throw throw up the horns. Because that's that's their base off it's It's their base alignment anyway not their base office and they just. There's just so much there and like again. This is one of those situations where it's like. They're they're very young team. They're still figuring stuff out. Blake if you're going to try and play every player a that's that's just not a functional way to develop any of them right. Don't if you if you try to do everything you're not gonna end up with very much of anything like that's just how it works. A lot of the right and they should be a year. Head of new york is because these team basically all play together in bubble last year like a reggae marina is bill harrison jefferson on. We should grace like they were all on the team last year so it shouldn't have the feeling of like an entirely new team. The way that the liberty do they they should be further along. And i understand that. It's a new head coach but like i'm just not willing to give them many passes but the thing is like even with all the the silly stuff do. There's so much talent on this team. They just figure things out like you just put them on rica's hands and just like clear out the middle of the four letter work and more often than not that a week two good things because she is that talented got her first step is just. It's stupid like i mean. I like watching this. The mystics. the tasha cloud. Ace pervert vendor is just hopeless trying to stop her from getting past her which is idea like what we're working with with Bi they frustrating. I think more than any other team in the league because of all they're capable of.

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