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Check that out. Final segment of the program today. I mentioned earlier I want to talk a bit more about the March for life. So many different angles and much of it has been related to this national news story. See Jamie Lee Curtis now has come out and said, I really shouldn't have judged a book by its cover, and I shouldn't have done. Look, we all do that. I don't think it's easy to pounce on these people that did it early enough. We all do anything. Just learn the lesson of doing your own research. This is what's more important than anything? And that's my takeaway. I was mad the second. I saw that. Kit. What's he doing? He's gonna record for everybody. You know? Maybe that's what the media was looking to do wreck. The March for life. Tarnished the March for life. Yeah. Again. But all of us. Learn a lesson to say not going to judge me. Big media has done. It really are. So anyway, that's kind of the national implication. The other was this the first time that I've been to the March for life where I've actually traveled as a chaperone with the kids have gone there to cover it before I've flown in there. I was with the university of Mary's group a couple of years back when they carry the banner, and this is the first some actually I'm on the kids, and I come back with an extra little balancing my step over the fact that there are kids not only my daughter Haley who is along in her classmates, and the others who had this rich tradition of going in many churches, do bring kids from all across North Dakota of denominations, the pro-life thing is not a Catholic thing. The pro-life thing is a in my mind. Christian. But just fellow human being thing to say, okay. We know from science when life begins. Why would we ever interrupt that plan? Let's have some other. Ways. But guess what I got a lot of grey hair. I'm not going to change this nothing. I can do or say is going to do. It. Don't have enough time left on his planet with these kids can. These kids can't and I hope they open the eyes. Of people who are set in their ways on this issue. And really maybe haven't thought about it for a while. Why are kids? So fired up about this. Why are students so fired up about this? For all the right reasons. It's great. Anyway, i'm. Just a little more optimistic. I'm normally a half glass half full kind of guy anyway, but I'm a little more optimistic than I was before this trip as a chaperone, and you know, it's not easy for chaperones. Don't exactly have you know. I mean, we're we're all you can't sleep anywhere curl up in the corner of a seat in a bus. And so, but I think all of us were just emboldened by these kids, they were great. They really were. And it was fun to have some time to with the. My daughter Haley, who, you know, all of our kids, and we didn't say, hey, you should be pro-life. They just get it just in their DNA. It's fun to see. So great time. Great time had by all. And I applaud every parent that says, yes, go you gotta do this going to cost a couple of bucks. But you're going. Let's do it. It's fantastic. Chris maybe it'll have some breaking news. I think this might be the one the only. This is the one the only Scott how you doing this morning. Christopher larson. ICU breaking news about the Ralph bagels that arena today. How -solutely just got off the phone with army general manager, Tony Hobson? And boy is it big news in multiple ways. Tell us we talked. We talked to Jody earlier about you know, this weekend some things going on. But he said the announcement was coming later on this six million dollars addition. What is six million bucks? Gonna buy six million bucks is gonna buy a new center hung video display mentoring fifteen point five by thirty four feet wide per side. And what what that amounts to scout? In two thousand.

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