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The meatballs featured on the travel channel and the meat loaf featured in it'll bread of bitches stomach tonight. You know what I'm gonna get, Toby said. How about that meat loaf? Wow. I walked up and I looked at And this is the first time I've ever brought meat. Love, CASS, I'm like, Is that meat loving and from the from the Auxiliary room. Obese crewman is dynamite. Yes, it is. It's amazing how great they are. It's wonderful food 144th and Pulaski in Midlothian, seven Away, 396. 2333 Kaze. Couple more calls coming in here. Let's keep it rolling. 312981 72 100 Dave in South Florida. Welcome to WGN. Go ahead. Hey, What's up, guys? Hey, I feel you know. They will be. I've been with you since 2018. I remember the post game on the Eagles playoff when you said we had to go downfield, and it's been the same B s Excuse my language. Same crap ever since with the offense Now I know you guys talked about the defense, but I just want to bring up a fact and a stat And you tell me this. If this is worth $16 million a year from Cleo Mac, he's got 50 total tackles. Ninth sex and one interception. Does that sound like somebody who deserves One million a games per season for 16 games. 16 million I was watching that game intently. Watching him. Very rarely get double teams. And these guys these tackles were handling back like he was a second or third stringer. He actually earns. I think, Dan, correct me if I'm wrong. Season for 16 games yearns 23.5 million. I'm sorry. Yes, you're you're correct. I'm sorry. Okay? Or whatever it is, it's a lot. It only gets worse. It only gets worse because The Green Bay Packers. Best offensive lineman. Bakari was out. Got had a freak accident in a practice, uh, mess up and he was being back up. And we couldn't we couldn't create pressure. On either side or even Akeem Hicks. There was almost virtually zero pressure up the middle in the pocket. Oh, be talked in the.

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