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Studios in Washington DC for world and national headlines with well remembering a legend in corporate management Paul Bloomberg spot moon has this look back at the life and legacy of former General Electric CEO Jack Welch is my last company wide meeting I thank all of you for what you've accomplished and even more for what you're doing the future general electric's values Bloomberg's Tom Keene recall grew four thousand percent in twenty years on it is legendary executive people forget now here was a Jack Welch who invented how you do business which is don't make mistakes make as few mistakes as you can within the manufacturing process which now sounds like the but the time was revolutionary many workers took another view branding him neutron Jack for ruthless factory shutdowns and layoffs false kindness is the dumbest thing in the world it's the coolest thing in the world Jack Welch retired in two thousand one Bob moon Bloomberg radio man is wife says Jack Welch died yesterday at the age of eighty four the Supreme Court has agreed to decide a case that threatens the future of the Obama era affordable Care Act but it's probably not going to do so until after the twenty twenty election the High Court has agreed to hear an appeal from twenty mainly democratic states of a lower court ruling that found part of obamacare was unconstitutional and cast doubt on the rest of the law this could be the third time the Supreme Court has moved I have faced a battle over obamacare meantime the High Court has turned down an appeal from gun rights advocates over so called bump stocks those attachments that can make semiautomatic weapons fire like machine guns trump administration banned them after about a dozen were found in the Las Vegas mass shooters hotel room the Supreme Court.

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