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But yeah because prince is a dog sos Crawford Crawford cook but I like spends a little bit but I like but I'll you know it's like a fight is a fight that I want to see but I don't want to see collectible but I will have to go I believe it was spent about you the way that I go is if you know if I'm a fan of yours do you show me a loss of a route which so I run around with the other day in a row I was spent you will don't product undefeated yeah this is a good to even Crawford is undefeated but I'm more of a it's got right now Spencer three he's a huge welterweight yeah he's big he's one seventy on fight yeah and he's tall and he's gonna be a middleweight from my little toe he's huge yeah and the funny thing about him is when he for like when you put the the guy out of England they just have this first like coming back to one of the brokers outside yeah the guy he could stop by vancity good stop by people GPS it would you send a portable G. moved up to a clear division of which with the name is Kim how may I think of it yeah well Kell brook Kell brook's yes Sir that's fight to me because Brooks was given spends all they could handle yeah but spends warm down and you're doing okay against rebels in the first couple around yeah yeah yeah but you should to the job Jeff I does the money by day to death for the money he got a formidable broken and that he didn't write so do you know sometimes you can't you know you can't take a fight sometimes you got to know we'll fight take let me ask you about one coming up here yes fascinating to me yeah I've been on the show two or three testing a female Lopez he's twenty two years old young guy yes from Honduras yes at a New York yes knock out but he's been killing people he's the one that does the slips in the inner rings yeah I like out Richard call me was a very very good light weight champion about the second round the brothers yet but well the tech next the stuff I feel that some of the Cheney could win but it is easy to grain for this fight as he too will question because of this it is first let me check was love him the South Pole thank you spike boy has to move I haven't seen anybody really been moving on the machine co which means hidden from angles so I think the only way that you can get in get that when is it a few angles and get in and get out and he got knocked down a couple of weeks ago yeah yeah yeah so but the machine go is is the thing to buy me a member even though he might be only eleven a no would you know he had to want to do in it amateur fights to Olympics Olympic gold medal yes so because of that he's seasoned he's a grown man I think it's gonna be a great fight jingle does I had a friend of mine worked with him before sport with him Rick you feel as though if you own one and they say such a nice guy so you know when you're a nice guy you get a chance like that and I don't know if you've got a well some go with the machine gun yes really unusual training me so long to check yes yes father likes to work the mind as well in the body yeah you're going to the gym one day it is in the corner playing chess yeah because he wants to keep his mind sharp what any estimate oxygen chambers and he has some reading classic book yeah his father believes in developing the mind as well as the body right well you know boxing is seventy percent mental yeah you know after three four rounds the physical part of it is just about who's the best condition but mentally and that's why I got a PO Floyd may weather up there was a lot of these dues because Floyd it has one of the best month people don't think so this is the problem with a lot of people it honestly about fluid his Daddy was a good fighter but is that he didn't have power his uncle Roger he had power but as of the old was good Jeff Mayweather they all had twenty two and three I mean a good or great records Mayweather Floyd is a combination of all these guys with the brain its ease this hard to beat what Roger had a big set of balls you know that Roger was tough it come into LA any fight all the top Mexican five yeah he was he was the first misconception that he came in the ring with with this summer yeah yeah yeah yeah so when it for the Mexican a south yeah yeah I don't make it out of there alive yeah I hate the fact that he I twenty could be Chavez he got knocked out price wise yeah that's second find us on to a ticket he got knocked out early too yeah the First Lady was given is all yeah definitely gets over like a hand with the five at a given that a fight you know he had some dog in him yellow dog in but you know what he quipped why thing is Oscar record against cost to do a quick against Frankie Randy was a front runner job is don't you think yeah nice and tight some of the same way Beyonce would you measure tell the people what he what he what of it I think they should have stopped the fight when did you know I make the five seconds let alone fall on the ground yelling farms face one segment to go what what does time fly when Ron Ron Dennis just so you know I enjoy it so go one step below that affected by do again and when we come back we days with your destination radio made of that and Orgeron Ellis you have agreed to a six year contract extension valued at more than forty two million in total dollars in dollars Lotta hand she's images if coach doesn't get an endorsement deal with the ham company someone strap on the ball the way you buy and he's going to do for you he's got a divorce and his face the.

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