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Car Craft Magazine, Monte Carlo, John Garowe discussed on Cruise Control


Sixty three and a half coupe it was one of the five that race the monte carlo rally okay and create a new interior did you love it oh i loved it i owned it twice yes i owned it back in the sixties and then got it back in two thousand and restored it and that that happens actually at me and i'm sure their stories like that in car craft about that where people sell their first car and then they find it but we're going to be back after the break with more john garowe gardo of car craft magazine talk a little bit more about the summer nationals and maybe what's coming up in car craft magazine itself because as i say okay it is it is a magazine that really inspires you to get going and you don't you don't need to break the bank to either and sometimes you know there's cars there that are available and you can have a lot of fun with him even even in the ten thousand dollar range and it's a good place to start so we'll talk with john after that after the break when we come back on cruise control radio oh you're on air automotive magazine we'll be right back it's thursday night and you're grabbing drinks with some friends started off with a pitcher for the table which quickly becomes two there's pool and there's the photo booth.

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