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I'll have more to say after I have more than three to 5 hours in it, so. Fair enough, I'm very excited for you to get the platinum trophy. I don't know if you looked at it, but you should, if you do, let me know if anything pops up to you. And it's description. Yeah, I have not actually, I usually look at all the trophies. Okay. Forget those little newts that pop out of the trunk. I jumped so hard at the first one that jumped let me last night. I freaked out. I literally I visually jumped back on my couch. I usually look at the trophies before I started game. So I know if there's like special things. And I forgot to do that with days gone. So I have no idea what the trophies are. I went into it really blind. Fair enough. Well yeah, just I would say go check out the description of the platinum trophy when you can. Okay. Matt, what about you on your end? You're also playing the world ends with you at the moment? Also playing the world ends with you. Really, really bummed that I started. I started that over the holiday break. I was looking for something to play while we were all off. And I'm like, I have this game that I haven't touched, even though I own, so I plugged it in and I am digging it if you and I'm just like really surprised by how just like how well they captured the feeling of the original DS version of it with the new one. The vibe is the same. The gameplay has been modernized, but like the characters are of this. It feels like I'm jumping back into something that I really love. It does. So I'm really excited to keep going with that one. Yeah. I'm bummed to hear it didn't sell as well as Korean as expected, though I always feel like I hear that about scoring X Games. They never sell as well as expected. But yeah, I played it when I first came out for a bit and need to go back to it. But I'm totally with you. It captures the DS game really well and just man, that world and that style in that vibe. It's like it's so great. It's definitely smaller scale, but yeah, it's such a fun game. Yeah. Yeah, it's so much fun. The one thing that does kind of mess with me is the view of the buildings. So you're running down the street and they're like straight and then as you get further away or closer, they curve over you. And it's so just weird, it just messes with me, but I love it. I'm flying through the whole game at level one. Because you can reduce your level. And so every time I level up, I reduce my level back to level one and because it boosts your drop rate. So like when I chain 5 enemies, I have like a three, I think one of my now 175% drop rate for pens. So I'm sitting on day 6 with probably 200 K in money. Oh my God. Because you just get so many pens and you just go and sell all the extras. And my people are always full of food. I have all the clothes purchased. I love you. It's basic. Well, everything everything that's available. I think that's available. I have the incredulity. In Maxwell, I think I mispronounced both times. The reaction to that was I'm on day I'm on day four, 5, I've got like ¥2000 to my name and like a T-shirt to share amongst my three party members. Oh my God. People's fashion sense are a hodgepodge. It would not, they would not work. The difference is dark, right? Like Jada's party is all well fed and well clothed and rich as hell and my party is not close hungry or shivering on the streets of Shibuya. Can you spare a pin center please? Yeah, I really need to get back to the one I really did love what I played of it. I just briefly have been playing. I went back to the frozen wilds because I never finished it. And want to be fully prepared for forbidden west, so I've been playing that for a little bit. Love it, still great horizon stuff. I actually really, really like the characters and the storytelling in this section more than even a lot of the base game stuff. I think it's been really interesting so far. The only funny thing is just going back to horizon after not playing for a year and a half or so in a late game save. Is really hard. It's really hard to get back in at that level. Modern feature that I need in all games is just like a reminder of controllers like controls. Yeah, something that's like, you haven't played in like 6 months. Here's how the controls work and I just need that in every game now. Like I can not just give me every game should have basically a X-Men danger room that you can just hop into at any point to refresh yourself and just that would help so easily. Yeah. And technically could do it with their holograms and stuff. It would be so easy to in canon. It works. But yeah, I've really been loving that. I've been playing through uncharted two as well because my girlfriend hasn't played the series before and I want to catch up for four and lost legacy. So we're playing through two right now. And she will not let me go buy a single treasure. It's wonderful. She's hunting for all of them and I adore it because that's what I do. So we're doing that and then yeah, just continuing my personal play through. But I think that's pretty much it on my end. We're unfortunately short on time and over our time for recording at the moment. So we do have to wrap up there. Jada let's hold on, we're gonna hold on to trophy tip for next week. But if anyone has a trophy tips they want to send in, if there's a particular trophy or proud of and want to tell that story right into beyond it IGN dot com with the subject line trophy tips and we'll try to read some of those on the show. Additionally, if you have any just general gaming stories you want to send in of your PlayStation life, send them in, to be onto idea dot com with.

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