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Laurel. Wrestling entertainment. Walk through that one. Okay. Okay. Amy, Tuta one. You get three questions meant for most. Correct. Ready. Hey, presser foot. Feed dog. And spoil pin are parts of what sewing kit. You can't give them that. He's saying, no, I looked at my the judge should know Amy. Do you wanna still that one? Yes. Go ahead. Sewing machine. Correct. I don't think it kitten a machine or the same thing sewing kit. I get one of those little thread. It's hotel. Yeah. Sorry. I know about. I don't know about that one, but now I do. All right. When you said it, I was like not a kit a machine lunchbox. What is Carrie Underwood's son's name. Carter Carter Underwood. Amy, you can still go ahead. Doesn't know. Allen second guessing. Is area is AM shaking her head? No. Have are you confident or. No, I just I feel I know that I know of it. I just I don't know. Show me. I say. This when you win today and it goes to tomorrow the final match. Okay. All you nailed this one l. Amy's up three two on your mind. You just hi. What.

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