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A curse and connect the click this ad or go online dot ODU today. The Todd and Don show, Jennifer checking it from Jonestown good morning. Good morning. I'm just so confused. How you said earlier the after running the story about the eight year old and the dog that you were getting a lot of text messages from people saying that they need to calm down. At the fact that the police were called shouldn't have happened. And I'm thinking, I just don't know how you can run that you stories next to each other. And then have so much backlash against the police being called. 'cause I haven't shopped at route twenty one for a while. But I'm assuming the the girl that was in the dressing room that had to go through the man trying to grabber was older than eight on. And in the middle of a store in front of all the people, including the parent, you can possibly be kidnapped. Then I just don't understand what even type of chance on eight year old little girl walking down a street running. I have a could be honest with you here. I have never been in route twenty one is that mainly a girls clothing store. It is absolutely. We mainly a girl's clothing store by the hell would would a man be walking in that store alone. Exactly. Why would an eight year old girl though, be outside in this day and age walking alleged? Does it depend on the neighborhood? Maybe I don't think, unfortunately, when we're doing news stories about the Molly girl that just was objected in taken. They just found her body, and it sucks at the world has gotten to this point knowing that I just with when it comes to your kids. Why we're just go walk the dog. So you consider this mom, you consider her irresponsible. You really don't think. She's a good mother. I didn't say that at all. She could be the coolest person or we could end up being best friends if we ever met, but on that. No. I would absolutely call her insane. I would never ever insane that with. Yes. I basically what you're saying that she may not be an irresponsible parent, but she has taken a chance she's risking her. But I don't think that a mother should ever take on. Todd and Don show, we did mornings five to ten AM on NewsRadio KLBJ..

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