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Cam newton throws for two hundred forty two yards four touchdowns panthers with a thirty one twelve thirty one 24 win over green bay spoiling the return of aaron rogers panthers go to ted in for they keep pace with the saints in the nfc south new orleans pounded the jet's thirty one nineteen 'caminante no second game this season with four touchdowns and no interceptions as for aaron rodgers 3 interceptions to go with his three touchdowns for us i felt pretty good i dismissing throats mr mr monti's dayton under through randall for a big curley the stress road away today have periods uh through vaunted dirt of uh two drawn a mole in the red zone just uncharacteristic blazon is this point in my performance today iverson play verbal choephel fine i mean oh so good all we can practice just missing throats it on agassi held and help my full myself i standard of this comes in well below standards flicking landed only on on once early herself as of your time england and now our honour well amid a felt pretty good i mean i fell on it a couple of ties with the nothing uh really stands out packers would be eliminated from playoff contention if the falcons win monday night in tampa bay if that's the case spare the be mulling the packers he be mulling over a decision whether or not to shut down aaron rodgers sports that are all night espn radio back to carolina more news for the panthers whose owner jerry richardson amidst allegations.

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