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You improve the neighborhood you would invite investment more people would call me need put some kind of entertainment venue in they're just not the track because twelve racing dates year ain't gonna cut it so again but it could be more of the same you could put single family homes you could do all of that you can put a facility in there and still not attract label that you would need to look at what they did over the past fifteen years or so twenty years in canton i remember driving down some of the streets in canton and it was like driving over the roads at the aberdeen proving ground it was it was just unbelievable and look at we'll look at canton today so again you know i it it can happen but it doesn't happen overnight but as long as there is a strategic plan and you have some investors ready to put money up these stronach group may at least postponed any decision to to move the preakness another example years ago in dc chinatown chinatown was right off new york gav it was kind of run down it was not a neighborhood that you wanted to venture into or you would frequent and then lo and behold after they closed the capital center in largo they built you know the brand new arena right smack dab in the heart of chinatowns where the wizards in the caps now play capital one arena and that arena it just spread out everywhere i'm telling you they have their restaurants now there's a movie theater complex you wouldn't recognize if you remember the old shot down in dc with areas now it is thriving i mean booming lest we forget i go back to what the inner harbor use it like when it was a bunch of old boats in deteriorating warehouses and what have you and look at it today all right it's eight fifty ten minutes now before the hour of not o'clock and you.

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