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Right all right we're back. I'm confessing day rich while I used to live in Philly. She was pregnant with Julie. Paul Circle Your Do. Is that now here on the story about my parents is that my mom was dating my dad and was falling in love with him. Didn't I didn't realize or didn't think that they were dating other people. My mom was like such a smoke like she. At the beginning of data my dad she was dating other people and then I think she was like I am falling for this guy and the all the other guys kind of fell by the wayside and the stories that she really getting ready. That was like Friday night and my dad was like in the shower and she would be like. Hey what do you WanNa do this weekend. You know and he was like Ah. I gotTa go to Connecticut. And my mom's like what and it was because he had to break up with his girlfriend up there so he had a girlfriend to and then he realized what time for my mom and I had to go basically break it off with this other girlfriends. The thing about your story that I feel so funny is that it's so typical men and women that like least got to this breaking point because of this information at the exact same time that you realize you wanted to commit to are the same night she was like I'm fucking dying and yeah you're like I want to be with the same catch. Yeah Yeah Yeah Absolutely Yeah Shame Feline pageant. Shower just reminded me of the time of it. I told her that I loved you by accident. Happened like two months runs into the relationship that we were you know. Well we weren't no. We released shout the bottle of Wine Island. I know and I don't do that okay. Hi do due. Listen it's very real. I told the guy that I was living with that I loved him. I told him in the middle of sex. I love it I said I love you. I did it again with a guy this fall I they. They just kept talking me so thank you both of them for ever say anything. 'cause I die bitch man. Girls don't handle that MS true I was GonNa say it's kind of like how I adore that she cries at everything. I love it right. Anybody who love it good nothing also so to get back to my hair and ice like oh I love you and it was a total accident. He was just like explodes around like awkward but so he made it funny and awkward and I was like you know what I meant like whatever but we re look that slipped out or did you realize how now I think I was just like all of you. Thank you for doing like she also told me like a month before I remember it anyway so yeah of course you don't remember your blackout but so I love this she's like a blackout drunk. And you're sober. And it's not she liked doesn't really early drain it's rarity was harsher date. It was hard to go on a date so but right yeah. It's hard to date sewer. I mean I can't even imagine it I really obviously. It wasn't problem property at any rate to get back to our narrative so we thirty six hours and then she finally gets back to me and says I canelo starts the dialogue back again and it was like all right. Well we need to talk. Let's let's let's go on a date and she showed up state at least three Zanex on board to the wind. You anything fucking thank you do anymore gone. I mean I feel like I've I'm so much younger than I can't even fathom doing that stuff now but yes okay so we wind up. It was like well. I only you WanNa be with you. I only want you. So we did Mutual destruction same time. We both pulled up tender and we put our phones on the table and like instead the honeymoon thing where you like give each other. The champagne is like three to one. Boom tenders gone. Because this was I mean that was pretty much the only happened and at that point we tell people we met on craigslist we once he won many asked how and he taught me to say the abortion clinic and without missing a beat though. Jim goes well at least now. You both don't want kids like on the comment like no talks about fucking transvestite. I I exactly. I just knew that that would be up his alley Mississippi it so yeah so yeah so. That's our words story. I love the end and this show our show kind of came about because like she quickly was becoming the vet to all my comic friends ends and I mean you know half most comics are broke so it'd be like hey. Can I talk to Lisa. Just like trying to figure out what they needed to do. But it was a lot of stuff like Alex was dog sitting for somebody. He's like so if there was like five. We'd gummy bears. When I left the House I can only find one of them.

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