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Of all impressions are those we receive I and so we would urge with all earnestness that your our first selection of records should contain at least some of the world's big music art is art no matter what form it may take and those who are sincere in their musical opinions while no more despise the lighter and more Popular Music Jake then they will despise good music which is the product of other kinds of feeling and rhythms in certain moods roots and at certain times there is this much inspiration to be derived from ragtime as there is from a Beethoven symphony or the thunderous under his emotions of a great opera each produces its effect in its own way and each supplies a very real human need but because they are so different in the form of their appeal they need to be treated somewhat differently. The fact of the matter is that popular music is usually built up on one of a few well recognized formulae it does what so you expected to do not consciously but by association we have learned to accept certain patterns in music as as we have learned to expect certain patterns in close since there is nothing essentially different in any of them they are easy to learn and so easy to get tired of there is however a very real pleasure in picking up the tune for a few days. We are quite happy whistling or singing the new song but once the new Popular Song is learned then what your own experience will tell you and that is why we urge that in your first collection of records you secure a number of the classics a six or semi classics with which you are familiar familiar that is precisely the point the door Thomas One said that popular music was familiar music and that is the unassailable truth a Beethoven Symphony. Anthony may be as popular as the Rosary when enough people have become as familiar with it and yet it may be a classic of the classics Wchs Parenthetically it might be set at this point that for those who do not sing or play the Victoria is by far the quickest first and simplest medium through which to pick up the new music to illustrate by a concrete example so long letty or tipperary keep a family full to the brim with bright pleasant joyful motions for quite some little time I am it may be days or weeks. It might even be months but clements record of the bear sues from Jocelyn then Elman's record of the Schubert's Ave Maria or any one of a thousand we might mention while smooth the wrinkles from your brow the triple furrows from your mind ten years from today as surely as they will now when the music of all the world is at your disposal it is almost impossible to refrain from bathing heart and soul and body and but remember that to become saturated with anything is to lose the fine edge of enjoyment with too frequent sequent hues the most valuable remedy may lose its healing virtues definite measurable physical effects could be produced by music and the gist of the matter is that one should become familiar enough with music to understand and enjoy it it but never familiar enough to induce the loss of it's a fact here it when you need to hear it and it will will continue to be a thing of joy not for days or weeks off through the years personal taste varies more or perhaps in music than in any other art but in a general way it follows much the same broad channels and in in any case the victor record catalogue since it actually does contain almost all the music of the world by the world's greatest experience of musical art is a treasure house of untold satisfaction and keeps the whitest possible scope for personnel selection. The Victoria is not one instrument but all of them it is a voice choice a violin a trombone or a symphony orchestra according to your will and in making a selection off-record full advantage should be taken of this most extraordinary privilege making up a troll program. I'm for the entertainment of friends calls for just the same variety and emotional balance as the professional musician strives to introduce into his own programs but in this you as your own concert manager enjoy a degree of latitude holy holy beyond the reach of any single artist and any manager for Africa branch of Music every type of music music and every medium of musical expression may be brought into play by the simple expedient of having a sufficiently the barge and sufficiently varied collection of records in giving operatic programs or in playing operatic records occurred for your own satisfaction the Victoria Book of the opera we'll be an added source of pleasure and satisfaction Ford affords. It's a clear concise understanding off all the well known operas both is to music plot and dramatic action so then to the pleasure derived from operatic records may be similarly heightened by listening to the music with a libretto which gives the foreign words used by the singer and an English translation of them. Those who are unskilled in languages usually experienced experienced some difficulty in pronouncing the names of composers artists operas and Opera Characters and there is an undeniable satisfaction satisifaction in being able to pronounce such words correctly.

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