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I Heart Radio podcast preview. This region of West Texas, known as the Permian Basin is in the midst of the biggest old boom in history. The Permian Basin is the epicenter for oil and gas production in the free world. This unprecedented production has transformed the region from a depressed desert into a land of opportunity. My name is Christian Wallace. I was raised in the Permian Basin in a small town called Andrews. I grew up on tales of the region's legendary booms and busts. I even spent a year working as a roughneck in the whole patch after college, but I've never seen or heard of anything like this. Against all odds, the Permian Basin has become one of the most important swaths and land on earth. The boom is reshaping the world's climate economy, even our geopolitics. We are now the number one energy producing in the world and I'm not going to lose that wealth on Dreams on windmills. Yet few understand this place or its people. This is a story of roughnecks and roustabouts a billionaire wildcatters and want to be dreamers and full on hell raisers and of average folks, just trying to get by as the world around them is turned upside down. From Texas monthly, an imperative entertainment. This is boom town. Oh, just uncleared owed the money. Louis didn't pay them. Correct. Load the money, right? Okay. Just make sure I understand the premise 11 37 gambling fin NewsRadio 700 wlw the overarching topic all night long, if not now, when talking about the U. C bear camp football.

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