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Whatever returning to my music. Your extreme rules preview smackdown tag team champions the usoz jimmy j. defending against the street profits has ford and angelo dawkins challenges have managed to fight their way back into a spot. Shoot for the titles. The champions have been rolling since fully. Reuniting and aligning with universal champion roman reigns having fully conquered dos mysteriosly endowment mysterious there now onto their next challengers who wants smoke and live. Oregon versus carmelo came out of nowhere. After they had issues around money money bank that had seemingly went nowhere. The most beautiful woman in wbz spent a long period of challenging then smackdown women's champion bianca. Bel air wall. The former rice squad member had very few televised matches. All that said. Morgan threw down a challenge to carmella on smackdown and now the pair meet on pay per view and yeah too bad zelina vega doesn't have anything to do. She was a little bit involved in that too. I believe i mean. They're trying to throw people in there and say we'll give you something to do. We'll give you what you wonder too. We'll see how that goes. I guess the fact that they cut her match on the nine eleven episode of smackdown from madison square garden whose father died at nine eleven and she was dedicating that match to over. We don't have time to pay homage to your father. So was that right of www. Nah nah Lou breath Slamming risley newsradio on. Its back two thousand two. You're listening to wrestling with bamboo. Mercury's ring rust available laugh automatic and all major podcast sources.

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