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But yeah, I, it was all time football guy moved for him to let's learn a lesson from me pretending that I'm sick the unexpected I actually I was thinking about that. In terms of coaches that catch king coaches opt out of this year to who because I have a theory well, I have a big time. Stay woke theory. Okay. Before you give me your theory they're. This is an opt out it's actually opt in but the bulls, the reports, I Chicago, the Bulls are going to keep Jim Boylan because of the financial strain of coronavirus. So he's kind of benefiting from krona virus diverse reverse way what they don't WanNa, pay him severances that they don't want to have to pay him to leave when there might not be fans next year's game. So I'll really smart thinking you know it was. A. Shitty coach a team be terrible. For the short term. So you don't lose I don't know like a couple of million. You could pay Jim Boylan with like a couple of basketballs in a new pair of Nikes. He'd like thanks for the honour. Appreciate. Having a job. Here's a hard hat with the Bulls logo on. So my big time stay woke on this is that bill check he might opt out if coaches can opt out I'm not sure what the rules and regulations around that are, but he's got so many players on defense that are out right. If Bill Belichick out mcdaniels probably takes over right they go I e. Bell check, but it mcdaniels takes over they go four and twelve all of a sudden. No one wants to sign Jon mcdaniels to head coaching contract. Next year he keeps the team together maybe gets Trevor Lawrence is the only problem I like the theory. The only problem with that theory is bill ballot. Check is definitely in the camp of football coaches that if they stop coaching. Football, they will immediately die. Yeah. Joe. PA. Yeah. That's our he could get into lacrosse heavy this off season it serve as a consultant be able to handle body wouldn't be able to handle not coaching. You're you're probably right about Seema logic and put that in the back years since hair in case that does happen I think that that's exactly what bill check is reverse engineering. Here now, I think that there's a very simple solution for coaches just have a hold back guy followed them around all the time preventing them from getting within six feet of any other person. Yup. That's what they should. That's. There's a reason why you have deuce Gruden on your sidelines, keep John Away from other coaches to be just a pit bull following you around put this so. It was supposed to be the hall of fame. Gave Him Not GonNa bum everyone out it was it was supposed to be all fame game. Tonight we're going to have hard knocks next week we actually have hunter Henry on the show who is Being taped as we speak with hard knocks, but it starting to get some of these football stories gets the juices flowing because we not only had Jon Gruden faking virus but we had our first Mike Tomlin quote of the year and he said when talking about what was it go to players coming into camp in good physical shape he said that. was, the Jello we couldn't get back in the box. I. Think what he was going for his toothpaste back into the tube. Correct. But JELLO is definitely more football game because there's nothing hygienic about Jell also jealous the grittiest dessert known to man because you can. What does it package cost like twenty cents? Yes. I'm pretty sure that your desert give it to now. Like. Powder. Easiest thing ever to put back in a box it's very very yeah. You you put the packet literally into the box, right? That's it. It's pretty simple to do who did the WHO did the WHO had the quote that was like greased up kid trying to get the grease up kid faulk Epstein No. Probably have read the papers now I walked into that with what was the? I, don't know. How now it does Hamlin. Kid Looking Greece of kid. Yeah. Google. Greased up kid images into a cage guy best greased up deaf guy. It was faulk greased up. No don't. Images. Got It. You got it it. Riley him though. Yeah yes. Yes. I'm GONNA find that. Yes. Greased up kid looks like a piano wait. Oh, you Greece up kids Rick I saw another from Tomlin that said we're expecting rothlisburger to walk out of a phone booth and put his Cape On. A Little Clark Kent Action. That's that's the one thing that I am a little bit disappointed about in the hall of fame game besides just being able to gamble on unpredictable I game football. That's always fun I. I was really looking forward to having big Ben just standing on the sidelines underneath those lights and can because at field and those lights they looked like. A high school game a little bit and having been out there and and cross fit shape. I guess he's right now he's the the latest that he's ever been. He looks go that. No, the quote was he's elitest he's been thirteen or fourteen years didn't say which fourteen years those were could have been for four until Ben was in middle school he's never been this. but yeah, I was looking forward to just seeing Ben on the sidelines with a twinkle in his eye. You know that he wasn't going to get into the game. He wasn't going to go out there and play. Who's this he was going to stand on the sidelines with an ice pack on every single joint in his body because he's already hurt probably just waiting you know looking like he'd WanNa get in like acting like he needed to be held back from getting in that would've been that would have been a nice kickoff to football season tonight. Yes, it would have. Fuck. I. WanNa find this quote someone someone try to find it. I. Just searched greased up Rick Reilly. Peyton Greece. Fuck man it is very. All these different head coaches like possibly the worst equipped people in the world to handle global pandemic and how they're choosing to implement these changes on their staff right? Like there's a lot of talk about virtual bubbles I'm really into virtual bubbles. Yes. A virtual bubble is just a bubble without the bubble in and the MLB is trying to get to a virtual bubble they. have new rules the basically they should had to start which we had extra innings start with the guy third now. So we said we said I think on Monday show like, hey, why not just make a rule that if you get caught doing these things, you can't play anymore. They actually did that. So thanks for listening rob. Manfred, we appreciate it. No more milk. More milk no more going out to just random dinner's going out going out for milk. Definitely sounds like a lenny dykstra euphemism for hitting the TITTY, Bar? ooh. Actual horny online. Recently I mean that's not really news the other football news we had the was Jim harbaugh poked the bear I fucking love Jim. Harbaugh so much because he's just so competitive all the time. So there was trouble in Paradise Michigan, Ohio State Yeah. So they released the Conferences are now releasing their schedules all conference big ten release. There's ten game conference schedule. Yeah. I Know Wisconsin on somehow lucked in playing rutgers and not playing Ohio. State Penn state tough shit. It's going to be they're probably going to get to the playoff just because this year and then everyone is going to be like astro put three Asterix. Yeah. It's going to it's going to happen. But anyway, they were on a conference call and Jim, Harbaugh pointed out that he saw a picture of linebackers coach with Buckeye players, which isn't allowed until Friday and Ryan Day said, how about I worry about my team and you worry about yours then later on that Night Ryan Day addressing his team. said, he hopes the wolverines better hope for mercy rule this season because his team was going to hang hundred on them I under I. Love this..

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