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Of sports from around the world here's Scott Seidenberg thanks Doug Chelsea with an interesting situation on their hands Dovid Louise refused to train with the first team today in hopes of forcing a move out of Stamford bridge according to reports he wants to go across town to arsenal the gunners have interest in the center back as well elsewhere Juventus defender Jow Consolo has signed with Manchester city then you meant this assigned right back Danilo from a man city the FedEx Cup playoffs begin tomorrow with the northern trust the Tiger Woods took it easy today during the program portion just chipping and putting after experiencing some facts this tiger says nothing out of the ordinary for him while seeking Steph and this person being be smart about it I just got one of I did a pretty got stuff we are on when I went up there and just get the potter for nine holes the same thing Major League Baseball the New York Mets the search continues winners of thirteen of their last fourteen after seven two victory over the Marlins today the New York Yankees look to make it fourteen street in Baltimore as they take on the Orioles tonight I'm Scott sober with your Bloomberg NBC world sports update market twenty four hours a day business the Bloomberg business at seventeen past the hour let's.

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