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All to convert the united states energy system to rely upon water wind and solar in its entirety a early provocative paper was published arguing that it is possible to power the entire electric grid with wind water and solar sources and a subsequent paper was published challenging those conclusions and arguing that some of the assumptions and claims made in the initial paper were either mistakes or unrealistic an unfounded obeyed the so the first pipe was published in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences yes which is very creditable publication the response to that was also published about year and a half later i guess early this year also in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences and there was a response so vat from the office of the first publication you would see that pretty regularly i suspected scientific disputes yes i mean publications often published direct responses either a separate papers or as shorter comments today of course it's also possible for scientists to publish responses in critiques online and to make those available through the internet and that back and forth is something that has always been a part and parcel the scientific process the language in the papers is also interesting behind all the mathematics in the details of eighth put in the critiques taught soft by saying we point out that the original book used invalid mobilink tools can tied muddling arrows made implausible an inadequately supported assumptions it should be treated with caution mocked jacobsen men replied in some fact reanalysis is riddled with errors and has no impact on our original conclusions is the fact that this kind of language is being used significant well it it certainly is somewhat unusual in the language in both the initial critique and the reply to it is stronger and more direct them reuse to seeing in.

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