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And a lot of the things in religion. You know you can find in music to some hoping that that's going to work out for me done fine if there's a hereafter your banjo with you i I sense that. Your mother must've communed musically. If not spiritually with music also she is so fascinating. She named after not one but three central european composer. Actually that was my father who i didn't know and he named and and leave me. I got the better names than my older brother. I won't go. What are your three. Name's bela bela anti leo's flick. Really after bartok. Janacek and anton burn so some some pretty out there stuff but not banjo music. I mean differ out there and could be. What could be could be what you've done. Yeah you've done that and you discovered the banjo. Your captivated by earl earl scruggs the beverly hillbillies theme which actually people talk about. Come to god moment and for most banjo players of note in the bluegrass world. Here narrow scruggs is that moment and it. There's before and after so talk. Tell us about that. What is that. What is it that happens. In that moment i remember. It was like lightbulb lights. Going off in my every note was like a light going off in my brain and it was just an amazing sound. And now i try to explain it as being a high tech yet. Primitive sound like a computer can play fast. But you don't get excited you know but there's something so earthy and deep especially the earl scruggs played which which turned people into believers says about real. I mean you've said this before that people talk about the banjo as though it's not a real instrument which then i guess gets at the question of how we define real right. Also i think it's fascinating that Neither one of you. You're both actually came from the north. Neither one of you like grew up surrounded by banjo and bluegrass. So talk about that a bit. The reality like what what is real What is bad music captured you. That just takes you away. Well my come to god moment in the the folk music world was hearing an l. p. of doc watson singing and playing shady grove. Where you want me to bust into sidhu shady grow ma Shady grove grow the love. Own back to harlan. When i heard that sound.

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