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No. I didn't think that. I just think a lot of reasons vice. When you say you know when when you watch some of these and they get attached to certain things and it's a very human thing to watch something to get attached to it. It looks impressive. I noticed this might sell. I was thinking about this last night. When i was doing play by play a lotta times i will get attached to a certain fighter based on certain things and i will start looking for other things. It's like a form of confirmation but we all have bias all have byes. Yeah and it's hard like when you're judging a fight it's a particularly challenging thing. Oh an commentating a fight to because both of them in theory are supposed to be neutral one of them. You provide color in terms of like the techniques on display and there's actual play-by-play where you're describing the techniques Overarching stuff so But when you're seeing something happened in real time something that's taking place so fast with so many different techniques there's a tendency to lock latch onto certain things and i. I would say you'd have more of an argument if you were looking at One of dc teammates with With whom he has much more experience and knows personally more knows style and everything like that i. I'd say that you might have an argument there. But as far as like Sherman being dana white guy. I think he was used to chase. No but he's he's he's a guy who's working his way up and i know he also looked good at at the beginning of the fight. Yeah i i assume mr higgins here was to other five knots. One particular asking why the is. Sometimes i'll say i think he's also picked up a damn cormet that is picked up some of the worst habits of joe rogan. Which is kind of you touched on latching onto a narrative but again like i said you might have to do it Just because again when you're doing commentary so much focus on it. It's you know once you love much. See something happen. And you're kind of just focus on that one thing and that's how you kind of get through the every time through that. Yeah exactly. And i think joe rogan has done that a lot probably to not a not a positive degree and i think cormet has picked up some of that sometimes. But he's i feel like he does better when he's with like a pulse elder and with like jon anik and not with his frat boy buddy Joe rogan but again. That's we criticize that. Commentary all day but thank you for the question. Teigen's couple more. Twitter doesn't get cold likes bright image versus mike perry and semi casual anime jumping in with Mondays jeremy stevens. He says great for students have to win. But i'd love for bob mondays to send him to bella tour harsh harsh these kind of people that listen to our show steven i look for bahamas. Send him to like balance. Stability that batman. Mondays would beat jeremy stevens and send him to balladur out harsh hard. Go to instagram now. To wrap things up here this. We're that we get some really. Wild got always great suggestions. But i'm not going to everyone. Evan rodriguez i think is a first timer like roy. Vile versus bond tureen. I love that. I just don't think we see monitoring it flyweight anymore. I think his days are over. Maybe we're all goes up to one thirty five but that just doesn't that doesn't make sense to me by monday versus ricky glenn. Gasoline versus brendan alum. And for the really insistent on getting our thoughts on gonna lead this one to you. Tanner poser and alonzo manifield. Apparently they're saying they a mess. Maybe they must've mrs microsoft. Because the first mr happened that they really wanna see tanner. Bozo reser lonzo meta fields. They just want some thoughts on this fight. Could take place heavyweight or light-heavyweight. I i don't think wants to cut the lead heavyweight stephen. Do you want to say about this alonzo. Manila's fighting at light-heavyweight brady yes. They are in different in different division. So why are we. Why are we doing. This person is really is insist on getting our thoughts on it. I actually thought tenor both might be an a a an opponent for park reporter. Sure i less he he would want it as much That would be a less attractive match up to him. But they kind of have similar trajectories at the moment in heavyweight alonzo feel versus tanner browser i think vet alonzo's kind of hot and cold. And when he's really hot he's he's very good. I think he beats kanter bos. You're pretty handily Tanner's such a grinder and he probably wouldn't. They'd probably be about the same size. If they're fighting heavyweight alonzo's probably just not cutting right. So yeah yes we're in fantasy world shirt. Evan rodriguez i will give you two points to auto points that metropcs gets me. Okay there we go. You wanted us talk about it. They make sure. You send stephen a nice message stephen europe. Dmz are open on twitter right. No don't nobody. Send me any messages at stephen on twitter. Oh my god and tell him and thank him. Because i don't have a lot of that match up but if it gets made the points are all yours. My friend michael conifer a regular contributor says. I never bet against a female brazilian fighter and less. It's best hey. And he's he believes he is quoting a sons uis the art of war. I don't know if my edition. I dunno my edition of the ardmore has but Maybe it's a bit of a paraphrase. Nunez alexis davis zeus. I wonder yes ask josiane. Alexis davis alex and austin lingo versus mike. Grundy which i liked. Oh he doesn't stupid funny. He said gives the judges. Were here in the lingo tonight. I shouldn't have read that Uh cremona recede magomedov dagestan versus becca. Stan sorry. The other way around is belkessam versus dagestan. Madison versus noises. And he wants to. He wants to see. I should've saved for last..

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