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A. it's a great day in our neighborhood. Good to see over there. Chris brockman how are you sir. How are you. Mr del tufo. Mikey date along appreciate that. Tj jefferson how are you sir. I'm great did you guys knows how bright the sun was this morning by chance. Yeah i actually was going to say that because my condo. Yeah this is. Sally was like noon at about eight this morning. Heavy drinker was last night long night. Or i didn't know if presumably a slush this day or something i didn't know about some was high up and bright young for ten days for ten days prepping. Well you know what it means. It just means we've got a great three hour. Rich is the sun. And the the world orbits around our program aware that in the basketball world kind of revolved around the sun last night. Halo ladies dropping. tj jefferson. It's like chose the middle key. All else done. He did not all Do we is it. Is it like a no hitter. Do you talk about it. you don't talk about it. chris. Paul's halfway to the western conference finals already had the injury and he played through it estimates. Talk about like an and he's the maestro like they're not he's not that i mean he's he's a crucial component here but he's he's not like the maintenance shop that they don't demand that he's the main score he's number one on the call snapped. Correct us enough to take the game over like this is setup for heh like this. Is it for him. I mean. I know. I'm i'm punching the clown big time right now. Because he's halfway there. Everyone here in los angeles california where the sons higher. I guess in a shiny today. I didn't notice that. I mean Like but i mean we all know. It's it's been difficult slog for him to get to that third tier that third level that third Part of the. I guess chessboard as he's making his way to try and checkmate the rest of the league. But two for two and the nuggets look like they're missing jamal. Murray they've got their mvp but they they look like that. There's you know there's looked like they're trying to hit that. Third that third gear fourth gear fifth gear. Just not. they're they're they're they're they're they're missing. And maybe just maybe. Just maybe this is the end of their ron. Obviously they do have the mvp. And i'm sure that will be very special moment In game three. When i imagine there's gonna be a presentation of some sort in front of the fans there in denver f shortly right and we didn't even really kinda hit that yesterday because we were too deep and talking about short shorts and long shorts with jalen rose. That videos done very well. Yeah so But nikola yokich was Born into this league during a commercial break you see that video did yeah. I'll put it was during a taco bell commercial like nba draft coverage. We do it all the time too and in on. nfl network. Once you're through the first round. And i i guess what would you say. The second round. The nba draft is akin to a fifth sixth seventh round draft choice. And the and the nfl right. Fix kinda fourth even like at the top of the fourth round. The top of the third day. We're still doing pick by pick coverage but once we get towards the end of the fourth round the top of the fifth round. We stopped doing the. Let's go to the podium. Let's hear it right here right so the second round of the draft when the nuggets round the clock they went to commercial break and you saw the bottom line. You know drafted into the league banned it would become. Mvp so can't count him out but it does look good for the sons right now. Man does look good for your phoenix and he ran away with the mvp that you said the one vote. From derrick rose was the fan vote. The new yorkers man will definitely stuff a ballot box. But it's too bad because you know the top. Mvp candidates throughout the year. They all got injured. Lebron james and steph and embiid embodied steph curry all these guys went down so you see. That's why they got one vote. One vote even though he had just as good as statistics. He did the previous two years when he was the writer of the mvp. So you know this was kind of yokich is award to lose down the stretch. Now he's been tremendous. You can see amazing. he is. He's one of the most skilled big man in terms of passing and shooting that we've seen such a long time and they're about to get slapped by the way that was an outstanding analysis that i'm greatly appreciative because my only one was. Hey did you see was Drafted during a taco bell. I'm glad you've built in the the necessary blanks assist. Thank you no problem. They are not literally dropped. The ball there But yeah making shots. Michael porter jr. Junior's a little dinged right now like they. Anyway i get swept. I just don't i mean i could see them losing the series that i can't see them not winning a game so you had the night off tonight. Not so much i did. Like rico was recovery. They're very you know all right tonight. tonight not so much clippers back action. The that'll be fun. Can't wait to watch all the teams that might get swept. Walkie better do something tonight. This is it. This is all their whole season already. Know hard out. Could you imagine the nets sweep the bucks without harden they might of ourselves is tonight is will just cancel the season. This is big time tonight. it's beggar game. We'll talk about more of it on. The shows. Nets bucks clippers jazz this evening but as you know we frequently have a quite a bit of nfl on.

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