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Relates to your approach to design. Yes i mean. I think the childlike childish is just an expression used. But but i think the point is that child like that. You've got or whether you know young children. But they're very honest wise. That mango big knows. Why is he. Bay why is he small. I don't like these food very honest because they've gone through that whole thing about. Oh that's not very well mannered or this and that so if you this wonderful freedom of stuff you're not referencing things and the problem with celine fashion very conscious about. Oh well that brand is doing that. And they're doing this and they've owner shop. There was these reference points and these things that you're nervous to do slightly differently. And i think not making the world. Very homogenized vary plain not exciting like it used to be. I mean i'm older person. So in the sixties. Which is when i was a teenager was the second or third may second generation after the war the previous generation have been really repressed and really held down and suddenly we were allowed to say. Oh let's long. Let's why shirt that's got flowers on it. Let's let's play this odd. Music called psychedelia and pink. Floyd and reg regs always all those bounds. That very pioneering there was this sense of freedom a now think unfortunately which just full of reference points and of course we social media you can get slated very nba. Chris is very very easily within seconds so people are a lot more cautious of all a lot. More nervous do. Do you want to ask you to elaborate on these reference points. I guess i'm i'm curious you've experienced in your own work or life. Can i just talk to you about conversation. I had with my grandson recently. He's a classical pianist university. I talked to him about his exams and he said if i play. Stravinsky brahms or chopin. Then my tutors have referenced points. They can understand. They've heard all the pieces before so they know this part should be slow quiet so that ide drawers power out to all the browns looking at what each other doing and then he said to me about. I did a an unusual piece. And luckily i got march well for it but the interesting thing is to have a reference point they they know how to critic because they're never heard it before so being pioneering is a wonderful thing but it's also quite nerve racking in terms of running a business Financial success or in the in the case of education. You know getting the points you desire. And then i guess just finally. I'm curious how you find the confidence to do away with those reference points and tiger childlike approach. And really try and do something new without fear you know have have. You had any experiences with that. Have over the course of your career and my business. He's always been built on on this at the front of my body. Which i'm putting my hand up in front of me and this which is the behind my body and what that is is a station of a seesaw or a balance and the hand in front is to do image innovation. Attention seeking special things. Fashion shows twice a year in paris. A beautiful shopping album street in mayfair. Another one who entendre in paris the pink shopping way but here my hand behind me is the fact that we sell a very large quantity of beautiful simple navy. Blue suits white shirts polo shirts. Chino pants and are the. We've got shops in south. How in london. So you'll the marais in paris downtown in la so it's very much about having the balance of keeping the image high and that equates to childlike doing things special during things different during things which are quite self-indulgent and then paying the rent with more commercial things so the way you achieve it is by having commercial pieces that help the cash flow and the overhead off survival and then you do the shelf indulgent pieces which my financial director will always question. Always question them. Is this really necessary. Why have in show when we've actually finished selling anyway. So what's the point. And the point is your future the appointees. I've been in business for fifty years and it's always about looking about today and tomorrow not resting on your laurels. There's very scary but good sentence. Nobody cares how good you use to be something. That's always in the top of my mind. That was paul smith there. He was speaking to models nick. Minnie's next on today's show. We had to the finish town of cola which played host to this year's alvar aalto week. The event celebrates the finnish architects work as well as the rich architectural heritage of the town itself. Our helsinki correspondent. Petrie burts of sentence this report. You're the annual oliver all the week now in its fifth edition took place in the small finish town of go will perhaps unlikely location for the uninitiated but for the true all the fans who real treasure trove of those architecture. The events producer. Go ceos explains yes. Gabriela is actually one of the cities with most auto buildings but there are not very well known research. There is this. There's a paper mill and there is there. Is this community around it. So a lot of dwelling houses. The eight day of the week is packed with events related to all spread out to different locations around town any explicity. We have god tourist by by top professionals. We have lectures by experts on alto architecture and design with different focuses and we have concert. We have interdisciplinary performances. Which is very interesting is that we have to Performances combining others architecture.

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