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I just to get. I think it's interesting that we're still. We're still not really back to the celebrity industrial complex that we knew twenty nineteen. Well yes and no. I mean the premier junket the premier junket complex was always like the boring get. I'd line that no one really wanted. And it was like all the filler content. We have paparazzi staked outside jennifer lopez and ben affleck's home like everyday just taken photos that they are definitely aware of and going with so in that sense. It's really back but it is kind of watch. Jaylo pictures never stopped. I feel like you know that is true. It's like what kind of complex it will be going forward. And i think you're right. The it seems less tied to like professional accomplishments obligations and more. What did you post on social media and willing to speak to the press about and as you know. Was she lean. It's often usually some sort of side project. As opposed to the thing that actually made someone famous but what makes someone famous anymore israeli relative. I feel confident yacht season. Welcome back though. I think that's gonna be sued. Europe's open it up a little bit. France easing restrictions. Obviously huge part of the scene. That's great news gas. I don't know. I'll a lot of european countries really need summer tourism some. I'm rooting for them. And for myself to get these to get this season but Yeah i don't know it's interesting. I as well. I was just trying to think through what kind of like the international yacht. Regulations do we know what like maritime koga law is well. i've been watching below decks. Thanks for asking and not could. They weren't in croatia. She's they had today did like quarantining and there was a covert scare so like the charter and did so. It's like pretty similar to or familiar with your calm. And it seems like it's basically kept going obviously scaled back a lot But they found they found a way. I think it just like there was a lot more time spent on the boat because there are fewer places to go and again like you had to quarantine before coming on and all that so It seems like with vaccinations. It should be a lot easier though. You know i want her like in the might be hard for some of the boat staff to get vaccinated so i hope they can figure that out. Maybe they should get the j. and j. one shot if it's safe for them. I hope everyone has access through vaccine and can get it as soon as possible including the boat staff on blowback a group of people who got interacted with my tyler. Hey the whole pregnancy thing off. Renou not going okay. It's ongoing but i did watch the special. At the three captains of the three below deck franchises so far and the host who is an executive producer of blowback med. Her name's nadine like says like we had our first pregnancy on below deck sailing it so she basically confirmed that it was on on on board or right you know to members of the shah. There's two there's one episode last week there's been banalities next week in the reunion. So i'll keep you posted. Thanks so much for asking anytime on that note. I would like to tell you more about what's happening on bravo right now. So the real housewives of beverly hills is backing is like three episodes into the season before everyone was excited because the divorce and really terrible legal allegations against erica. Jane elliott girardi. Who was married to tom girardi. Who is played by albert finney and erin brockovich They're they're they're in divorce and they're accused of embezzlement and fraud so it's like a pretty big deal and this all was playing out while they were filming people really excited for it to be on the show and i'm excited but like anticipating i'll be honest. I was excited three episodes in. They're kind of like alluding to it. But nothing's happened yet on that front. Erica changes were being harassed. Yourself and the star of this show. I just didn't see this coming. Is kathy did the mother of paris and nicky. The hotel heiress by marrying rick hilton. Her husband She is so badly. And so daffy. And so fucking funny. It is an absolute delight and makes me rethink everything ever thought about the hilton family. I mean in that includes like everything that paris nikki and barron have ever done. I cannot believe what an absolute delight happy hilton as she does like such weird shit like tahoe house trip. To lake tahoe. She literally only brought sweats and like she has all these slogan t. shirts kindness kindnesses free and like just like it seems like she exclusively shops at target and whereas ruggs And then you know some people me included a hard time sleeping so they have like really like specific sleep rituals for me right now. I'm watching great british bake off. I cannot sleep that playing in the background Currently middle season. I've seen all of its rewatching. Anyway kathy's thing is. She carries around with her like a square. Twenty four inch box van that she got it like fucking. Cvs travels with that. She can it in sleep to the sound of her fan every night and like so fucking funny that in the first episode of the season she thought that guy beauvais. Who's an actress. Just been payments for a long time. I guess kathy. I couldn't see she glasses on or something. She thought that garcia was her sister. Kyle richards. I don't know if you know but car sales black. Kyle's also sister she really thought garso's kyle. It's so funny and she doesn't. She's not trying to impress anyone. she's just being herself. And it's like so wonderful. It's so much better than most these horrible housewives. So why would kathy hilton. Go on real.

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