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Bruce willis don't think he is he doesn't ass dan yes he is he was he was he was viciously rude to 'em a roscoe from channel nine many years ago i've never ever not just not just a a d bag canoe he was viciously rude to her and i've heard from several entertainment reporters he is he he and tommy lee jones are the worst celebrities they're rude they are sexually yes they're they're they're awful awful people jenna jamison i read her book she actually it's a great book by the way it's called how to make love like a porn star but a lot of it is about her life and getting into mainstream media with entertainment reporting and yeah greece willis was awful to her basically treated her like a piece of trash in wanted sexual favors my gosh hopefully this roasts will really against the wall on bb clear that wasn't the case of may he which is unbelievably rude and i don't like that no i love my ma seven on sorry eight twenty seven we'll be back with a brand new segment passing notes right after this the finalists for our name that kitten contest are in the three finalists for the mytalk kitty are donna mills cinder allah and duck duck gray down check out all the kiddies on the kitten cam and then vote at mytalk one zero seven one dot com keyword name and.

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