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Is that like the golden record or just be independent. I really don't care honestly. I'm just excited to show on the road. You used to sing on like your snapchat was it'd be like you like singing on. There's like you don't do that as much anymore. Like just freely singing. I like it I. Have you ever done theater or anything musical theater. No no now that you just like to say I love that. I love it and that you raise your music. I can't wait to hear what you like right about. I'm really excited. Went to stoke for you okay. So the EP was supposed to come out. Fuck in September so but it's pushed so I'm GonNa push it into twenty twenty because I just really wanted to be perfect. I don't WanNa feel pressured by date eight and everyone's like hating me because I keep saying it's going to be this is you know it's it's all right. Just wanted to be perfect perfection perfection. Ah really underneath it all I really am. I hated when things were in my control. No now I think that's why I'm stepping back a little bit and I'm like I kind of want. I want control over in my life. It's you feel like you're in control now. I think I'm getting there not yet fully but I'm getting there that's good and how's your relationship tip with your mom and your better. It's better were were trying. She's always there for me and I appreciate that. Of course we still have our scars. But we don't really talk about it that much we just try to move past it and enjoy each other. Life is so short You know too well. So what are you gonNA do. Especially when they get older. You just like you have to kind of accept this. Yeah this is my mom's my dad. Yes I Yeah that's good point. Yeah because not everyone can people right off ability. Yeah you are very humble. You are home over that of it. It's really it's really amazing to see and I'm so happy you came on here. How you doing youtube or no? You're not doing youtube but I'm going to start. I want to get my channel back your original channel. Yeah okay I think I know I can help you. I can do that. 'cause I always said you should be out of Youtube because there's also started hacked. It could never get it back. That's so happy. Oh girl got I think because you need to be on more platforms with your control. Thank you I feel like. That's so sweet and I just love her so much raising your amazing well you guys. This is courtney sat and you can check her out. Maybe on Youtube soon but instagram. Where are you most active? I am active instagram. And Twitter Courtney started and then are you active. I only analysis spotify spotify. Yes Oh my God spotify checker. How many songs do you have a Bundy? Did you know I don't know go. Look Yeah I wanted to lug actually. I'm a fan from the beginning. Checkout corny thank you so much. You're so sweet. Say That like I hear a lot about about you know when people talking honestly light. Oh I'd love you I'm your biggest fan and I keep stirring the pot Yak hair. You you guys. This is the district Trish. And I'll see you next..

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