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Enjoyed that discussion because allows me to tee off on the brown james good for curry get out of there before lebron james leaves you at a year fight some one leave law abroad incidental abhran always leaving everyone else in the lurch good for kyrghiz getting out in front of it he's almost army into a flat i'm still try i've so team kyrghiz he's almost her me and the team flatter i'm still trying to figure out though how playing one more year with will broaden contending for a championship and then getting left at the altar there how that's not better than going to the knicks screw have that's why that's one that's why yeah f his aligning he's got a real it's is just so happy this plays he goes mike you never want to say screw up the somebody's and have the no no i have no problem with him saying screw off to go to san antonio even miami not that nick if he goes to the next that i i that's not a better situation i may come around the word johnston as if he goes to the next you know come on within within irving who and it's you'll be pumping i'm gonna rob rob on sessions amman sesson nil akina guy from which does state with the floppy hero ron baker down baker getting lane area dude until it's good baz guys chris bounce passes there yet joins us coming up next johnston in flynn live from foxborough tomorrow night one will talk to you then yes haas support red soxs losers last night to the royals forwarded to rick 4 solo got the start for david price now has fourteen losses on the season teams really game tonight eddie rodriguez go so them out against trevor catey hill first pitch at 710 sox fell out of first place raff game back yankee is currently trail tip of b three two in the fifth inning visafree of patriots training camp the first day in pads rubbed megabits still absent from can't diem and dole amount.

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