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Amazing thing about it is I mean it's basically him and Alvin Kamara you know those are those are the two Michael Thomas as a hundred and thirty three receptions on the season he needs what one fifty million eighty one forty three he needs eleven more eleven to get six and five zero the next closes on his team is fifty behind a Camaro away seventy three but it gets better and then you get to the other wide receiver yeah the next best the guy whose job is titled to catch the ball a wide receiver you have Michael Thomas with one thirty three Ted get junior has twenty nine he has a hundred and four more receptions then the next leading wide receiver and you watch the game as everyone knows there's one white out they're going to it's Michael Thomas and he is wide believe open in every game well and and and what is not wide open the one thing he does have the lot listen he's a great receiver but he also has one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the history of the game I'm throwing him the ball so even on tight windows he's getting a great look at catching the ball again make no mistake he is a great receiver right up there at the top in the league no doubt about that but that has to help right when you because not every time you catch the ball he's wide open he does a great job running route to get separation but he also was a quarterback that could put the ball on a dime for it's a perfect combination and we saw that for years the drew Brees and marques Colston it was another big body guy in the middle of the field for them but Michael Thomas is operating in a plane that is all his own right now and having that skill set matched up with drew Brees and Sean Payton who is a D. as gifted an offense of play callers we've ever seen in the NFL who's gonna find creative ways even when everyone knows the ball's going to his guide to trying to get him open that cocktail all together which is amazing want to make it to the point where he would even throw to him because he's double covered or whatever they're doing him makes you not even want to look his way because it's almost an impossibility get the ball there yet a hundred thirty three times there was one play in the first half right before the end of have I think was on the touchdown drive that we thought was going to celebrate the record for the break which of course it wasn't because no saints and wraps he was coming across the field and toward the right sideline and there were three colts around them and he still made a one handed catch so if there are three calls around Mike Thomas there were scheming something any still found a way to beat or the scheme for using is he has a hundred thirty reception I just did the math on a hundred fifty nine targets he is caught eighty four percent of the passes thrown to him he has one drop on the seas I was wondering if he's just he's the leader in catch percentage in the NFL with that kind of volume that is that is awesome the nerds can come this is where we all together on this other thing right all together on this but it does I'm sorry blows my mind that if he had not thrown in completion of pro for three hundred yards and four touchdowns yeah that's not good enough you know it is a little more you're good what you're not performed just gonna need a little more give me a break I'm not a straight talk front of a straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart coming up something that happened Saturday which is leading to an exponential amount of good on Sunday and Monday and the days after we'll get to that after we get what's trending with Jason fits Jenna let's get you caught up on some of the news from last night's we'll start with little NBA action no look at no problem ma'am snack the snap a snack on the box eighteen game winning streak for Milwaukee now done Milwaukee's gonna be taken on the Lakers Thursday that's with the match and we all have our eyes on the last night Mavericks one twenty Bucks one sixteen even without looking not you too as a moderate right ankle sprain young sounded couple forty eight and fourteen wasn't enough Milwaukee didn't shoot well Christopher twenty six and twelve.

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