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Strangled to death. And she was choked so hard that her larynx collapsed, and her neck was left with the marks from the liquor used to kill her so strangulation is something that if you are in Detroit crime, or that sort of thing, a lot of passion, a lot of intimacy a lot of anger behind these sorts of murders in what was interesting, though, in something not immediately noticeable. It's something that canes them. Eventually was that she didn't have any cuts. So whose blood was in the garage, and if it's not glory, as you know, that they were sure it was they thought this was the crime scene in now they're kind of confused in the results hadn't come back yet. So a few days after the discovery of glorious body a funeral was planned. The beginning of her her obituary read she lives such a beautiful life loving and kind, all her ways is how we will always remember are beautiful Gloria marmolejo or love compassion, and golden heart was always upright, and just she loved God or family. Everyone and her funeral service was held at abundant living faith center with internment to follow at the evergreen east cemetery. Then to the a bit read our hearts, grieve, deeply the pain compares to no other in there at the funeral Gloria sons Manny and David and glorious brother released doves during the ceremony as they all saw bd, and Oliver family and friends, everyone knew are, and loved her were there, and it sounds so sad, so sad. So soon after this, one of her sons David makes a really bizarre statement to a family member and he was telling his family member that he was concerned that police would end up considering him a suspect because of a hug, and a kiss that he had given Gloria, which could result in DNA found on her and bowl, this, this is. A question he obviously saw her right before she left, he admitted to seeing her. So if he had hugged and kissed her like earth. Anybody had been around their DNA is going to be on her that can't prove that. But that's what he's saying. He's like, you know, he's saying, like, oh, I kissed my mom, like, if I was the last person to see her, and they find my DNA is it going to look bad? So the results on the blood in the garage ended up coming back and it revealed that the blood belonged to Mariah. And if you guys remember who she is. She was David's fifteen year old step sister, and girlfriend that Gloria was not stoked about so things are becoming super murky, like what is going on? So police bring Mariah in for questioning and she explains that the blood in the garage was a result of a fight that she had with David about a week prior to glorious return Ryan admitted to the relationship that she had with David and also to living glorious home with him. And she's talking to the police, and they noticed that she has his large cuts on her knuckles. And she says the cuts come from an accident at work. She was a waitress hooters, and she was explaining to them that she cut herself on glass, which seems possible the police were skeptical, but they called her manager, and they were able to confirm that her explanation was a apparently drew. Okay. So this is interesting, if we're thinking about this from the cops perspective. They're kinda like ooh. Star crossed lovers, her blood is here. He's weird like she's a child like what do you think? Their brains are doing or was she abducted going to work out? No. But I think they know. I think they're getting. I mean, the blood and the garage is weird, the blood had on the blood. She's a little kid like she's little. No. That's weird. Like it's weird. How young she is. But the but it's weird. So she says that the blood she cut herself at hooters, but then was she just dripping all over the place. And she got home. She said that was from a fight. So maybe it's like she reopened horse. Violently fight. I mean who knows? But the interesting thing here is, so her body was taken to New Mexico, like, don't think kid in. She is a kid carrying a body like I don't know. It seems like a stretch. But who knows. I don't think the cops know what they're dealing with its giant puzzle right now. So with this point, they're noticing the inconsistencies in David's story in the fact that he was the last one to see Gloria alive. They're starting.

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