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Need that but they older to the people who core pay money to come out there to to try to convey him what they had to say are who they are what the circumstances are paint the picture for the people who are reigning at who go out and buy tickets to come and watch him play that's why we're there and that's why i'm there anyone and so that's that's the part of it that can be really tough you know right because if we have the opportunity develop relationships in to be fair i mean spring training cardinals do give me that opportunity you can spent a lot of terms fair that's not a fair game and i know you know much more what's more x so much already changing as well this could be they they of they've tighten security there but you can develop a little more relationship with the player and once they get to know you know that you're trustworthy an honest near reporting you're gonna tell the story straight they trusty with giving you cement from a shin mike missed siemian and his staff for that matter also and then the same thing goes with hockey those players are a joy to cover when when you have that relationship and access to them and really for any sport i mention in the beginning the sunday post dispatch one eight one night introduced you and i really think of us _o_c with the sunday post dispatch because that is my favorite paper and when that does arriving that big sick sports section i was able to read your thoughts and for that matter anybody else it was like the opportunity to to survey the entire sports staff of the post dispatch the newspaper business as we know has changed and change drastically but are you still a newspaper guy i am i still value opening up that paper with the cup of coffee well i think i you know i think i always have been that type of person i mean and you know the newspaper is is that that's why i got into it was a kick out of to you're trying to turn the right something that would get a response from people from trying to be good at that i was never really and to it per se to be personality i think.

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