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Owners can be of a rental property located near the center for peace and justice on three us here in santa fe where the film union and political parties are headquartered said he is headed into rush to judgment about the allegation richard ellensburg head of these date democratic party as his reaction last week when he heard a valdez is accusations richard ellen burke who of course was at the pri pri pri pri pri pri primary saturday down said the claim didn't feel credible to him it's not something i would expect anybody to accuse him up let's put it that way i think it needs to unfold more and i have some information about the allegations in this case that i'm told would cast some of this in a very different light but i'll have to leave it to mr henry and his attorneys to decide how they want to deal with that house speaker brian off asked about it did he has done occasional legal work for the film union since becoming a state representative in two thousand eight said he has no reason to question the validity of crystal ball does is claims but he added he was shocked by the accusations hasn't the hasn't previously heard any reports similar about john henry and his abuse of power bigger he quoting thank quote i have no reason to think the allegations aren't true but that doesn't mean i have witnessed it or had anyone say anything of this nature to me ronnie goff about john henry john being let go by the afl cio which he said he was not going to seek that post in the future so i don't know if he was at the swearing in last night the inaugural but it is one of the people i was just kinda standing in the back thinking about people who may not be present who would probably have liked to be president yesterday is i getting ready to leave here to go over to the convention center.

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