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Big games in the the The Steelers rallied to beat the Bills on the road in Buffalo, 23 to 16 after getting shut out in the first half. Remember the Titans? Well. They were crushed at home by the Cardinals today. 38 13. That was a five touchdown day for Kyler Murray Broncos lead the Giants right now at the half 10 to 7. And the Packers trailing the Saints at halftime in Jacksonville, 17 to 3 almost at the half in Kansas City. Let's get you back out to Chris and Goldie. Thanks, Capital, Miss All the NFL excitement on NBC tonight with bears take on the Rams. Check your local listings for more details. Catch the NFL every Sunday night on NBC, so the grounds are pinned to their own one yard line with a minute 31 to go before halftime rounds of 20 to 10 lead over the Chiefs. The Browns are Huddling up. Right the middle of the Chiefs in the end zone off to our right. Kareem Hunt is right in the middle of that. E. As he sets up, Mayfield's under center takes the snap. Give it a hunt off right guard. Pulls the pile ahead across the five out to the 65 yard run on first, down from the shadow of their own goal post. He ran right behind Wyatt Teller that top Brown's called time out right away, So they've got two left. That was a good surge. In the middle of the Browns offensive line. White teller right guard JC trader the center. That's a good solid, almost a six yard five yard game there on first down that gives them a little room and again. Chris Hubbard is in at left tackle because Dedrick Wills went out with was looking at some of the reports. They're calling it an ankle injury. People think you know this is just a passing lead to throw to win in this, a lot of that is true. But when you can run in this situation three times in a row, get a first down, forced to choose to take their time out. That's a big win for any offensive team again. The back Mayfield, communicating at the line under center on the second of five takes the snap gives to hunt running right. Gets to the line across the 10 comeback of the 15 and he dives out to the 19 yard line. Okay, now don't get me all the way out to the 21. Anthony Hitchens finally got him down clock moving a minute 11 counting after a 15 yard game by hunts. That's big time blocked by Jack Conklin, Right tackle that time in the tight end, really opening up that hole. Hunt saw right away. So now she's called the time now achieves use a time out with 59 seconds to go in the second quarter. Like it's 20 to 10. Cleveland in front will take another break. Have more action coming up next..

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