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Hi this has been dominates the host of the federal radio our were daily show coming you five days a week from washington dc where we interview our nation's top journalists politicians authors chefs economists entertainers and one if you're looking for a contrarian discussion on news politics or coltart give us a listen if subscribe podcast dot com the new podcast one app four at apple podcast hates phil emery all the voices you'll to here on the show today oral performed by me here's the woodframe his hungary shown pacific go in southern california all i love this evening distance lutvo and i am market trace but dickman madam leonard this is a very happy holiday to one of you fulfil henry show here that was phil thank you with his problem but that this was the music we plan breakfast yep we've said we could play a little christmas songs on the two this has been trust me a lot if you ever heard yes name is being crosby snow line bing crosby was a big sanger man in the early part of the 20th century at all move it along when we're couldn't ready to move along but just back off all right la la should this what margaret alva yes many times your day is b two i love it merlo cheap query what do you think you're doing come on like the comments well on singing your paper years hurt by the way margaret what that was one hell of a comment to make him a big crosby time sorry i public listen ladies and gentlemen i apologise can you dump it not now know well i apologize i get very emotional what i've got some puk city here i made by living for many years as a singer and when some guy with a plate ms hedh here here referenced derek nearer fail let's not reference buds accident all right well what are you you taking his side now margaret that kid was beat a smart ask how many times you don't have to do that i'm singing but don't ever make a comeback like that again wouldn't stand already dude you'll never do it again do you understand your hair stand just for you seen margaret's allows you singer no i think you're great seeing i just i didn't know you're going to sing now threat is going to be later oh bull okay here all signals i saddam budd.

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