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Part by the independent electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati, the law offices of Steven R. Adams and Ox Your gas Now here are Dan Horde and use his head coach John Brannan, on the home of the bear Cats 700 wlw. Dan Horde of Bear Cats head coach John Brannan. Tonight the Cats look to break a five game losing streak as they face SM you in Dallas. Three of you sees last four games have been decided in the final minute in coach Brandon says his team is close to turning the corner. The energy they had less to practices have been Eyes rewarding to me is anything because hand anywhere you've lost someone around. There's no students on campus. You sometimes you fight that. I haven't thought that all of these guys which has been you know, that's why I like this group a lot. What I do think we're gonna end up where we need to be. But honestly, it's gotta happen sooner than later. Because you know that losing these be done. We need to start winning games. It won't be easy tonight as Sam US six and won and led by Kendrick Davis, who leads the American in scoring at 19.7 points a game. Tip off tonight. Is it seven o'clock? A pregame coverage will started. 6 30 news radio 700 wlw listening to the bear Can't report on the home of the bear cats 700 wlw. News, traffic and Weather News Radio 700 w L jealousy Cincinnati Calls from both sides of the aisle. They have the president removed from office with a 12. O'clock report on Brian comes breaking now 25th amendment in this nightmare, Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger says it's time for President Trump to be removed from office. He says the country cannot afford to wait for two weeks to the inauguration of Joe Biden Kinzinger once the president's Cabinet to meet And vote him out yesterday became evident that not only has the president abdicated his duty to protect the American people and the People's House In vote and inflamed passions that only gave fueled of the insurrection that we saw her. When pressed to move and denounced the violence. He barely did so. Well, of course, victimizing himself and seeming to give a wink and a nod to those doing it. The other Republican congressman, local lawmaker Brad Wind Strip, says the people who rioted her blame for the behavior. But he says President Trump Disappointed him in his reaction. We ever responsibility of leaders just call this out as wrong. It's wrong. This first go away. No excuses for it When shit's gonna be Bill Cunningham's guest coming right up here on 700 WLW, one of the biggest supporters of President Trump, in a former member of his Cabinet has been ex Attorney General Bill Bar today. Bar speaking out. Against him as well. Bart tells The Associated Press The president's actions, quote orchestrating a mob to pressure Congress is inexcusable. He calls the actions of betrayal of his office and supporters. Former House Speaker John Boehner, another Republican firing, criticizing criticism, and his party is well on Twitter, the West.

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