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6 10 w T V N into the news booth and Scott Jennings above the last U. S. Troops in Afghanistan left today marking the end of America's longest war troops of station in Bagram Air Base, which has been used for launching strikes against Taliban more than 2400 soldiers died in Afghanistan over the last two decades. President Biden said keeping the military there would just put more true. Set risk the White House sending surge response teams to covid hot spots dealing with the delta variant. They'll help the vaccination sites, distribute supplies and conduct contact tracing adult. The variant now accounts for 26% of all new cases. It's likely officials will demolish the rest of the partially collapsed condo in Florida. They're considering the impact it will have on the existing pile of rubble as crews continue to search for 145 people still missing. Could take weeks to make a plan to bring the building down. Nearly 44 million Americans expect to hit the roads during the July 4th holiday. Most expected travel by car this weekend just as gas prices hit a seven year hides now averaging 3 12 a gallon nationwide here in central Ohio, the average price of for a gallon of regular also at 3 12 when it comes to traffic, triple aces drivers on highway 17 year, San Francisco can expect congestion to be 340% worse. Unusual. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, ending its relationships with several animal organizations mentioned in a new documentary. The Conservation Game, has not yet been released but examines the connection between TV celebrities including Jack Hanna, and connections to the exotic Pet Trade Zoo also announced moving forward. None of its big cats will be allowed off site for television programming. I'm Scott Jennings. Next news updated seven. The Brandon Boxes show with Bob Randolph returns Next. Your.

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